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Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico Flight Plans

I can fly round trip from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to San Juan, Puerto Rico for 228 USD.

I am probably going to fly on May 28 to Puerto Rico, then return on May 30.

(I am not using the year number anymore, just another way for the Big G to identify the page as old; the Big G is no indexing the internet, only about 10-20 percent.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


I do not have enough money.
I paid 3000 extra dollars last month in plane tickets, visa, and cost to assist my girlfriend Bah to leave Ivory Coast. Then upon leaving, I needed to give her enough money to live for six month, wow, that was an expensive month.

I am grateful I had the chance to help bring her out the war in Ivory Coast; it did feel good to know I am willing to sacrifice my own, for another.

However, I am now suffering the consequences; I need to build up my saving. It will take about three months to build up my saving again. I think it is almost impossible or foolish for a person who spends all their monthly income to travel the world. I must have the capacity to save money; it is an essential trait of a traveler of the planet.

Couple the big unexpected expense, and the Big G effectively cutting my monthly income by 30-40 percent, I need to budget my money.

I have worked for two weeks here in Sosua with high speed Internet and increased my traffic and income by roughly 5 percent, and in another month, I should be earning the same as before.

It would really help if I was greedy, I would just run this income up to 10,000 per month and not need to ever think, but I am not, so I tend to stop the push when I have enough to live comfortably. Eventually, what will happen, our site will grow on their own faster than the Big G because of interactive participation by users. Bottom line, you uploading photos to HoboTraveler.com will help me to travel the planet.

I wanted to buy an Orange cell phone SIM card for 100 pesos. They wanted a copy of my passport, so I took a photo, and then change all the data so it was more or less a fake. I took my thumb drive to an Internet Café and the woman put it in the computer. In the 10 minutes it was in the machine, I got malware on the chip; it was amazing how stupid things can get.

She pulled the USB thumb drive out of the machine twice without click on the safely remove.

The more data I have, the more dangerous allowing anyone to help me becomes, I have a back of the data on the chip, but it was about a month old. I carry an extra chip just for these occasions but was too lazy to get it out and use it.

Business Trip to Puerto Rico
I am not going to explain, but I am going to go to Puerto Rico for business. I do not have any secrets, but I do not like people to send me endless questions on some topics.

Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico Flight Plans


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