Disabled American Veterans in Philippines

Disabled American Veterans in Philippines
I think I am physically disabled, if I was an American Vet maybe I would qualify for free money. The Philippines is a great place for disabled American Veterans.

I am NOT an American Veteran, I truly do not understand, I am just giving an opinion.

Why the Philippines for Medical Treatment?
1. Cheap to live here.
2. Other Veterans to help answer medical problems fill out the forms and help you qualify for free money.
3. Physical Therapy cost about 5-7 US Dollars per visit.

Why is Andy the HoboTraveler.com disabled?

I broke my left femur in a motorcycle accident when I was 23 years old; a drunk person with no insurance hit me with his car. I believe because I had a Fatty Embolism the doctors decided not to operate, they did NOT put a rod in my femur. Instead, they put me in traction and allowed the bones to connect. Presently my thy is not straight and has a huge lump where the callous precipitated into bone to compensate for the break.

I personally think they should have made plates and screwed the 3-4 bone pieces into proper alignment, they kept telling me it was in perfect alignment, I would say Doctor Hadawi in Bloomington, Indiana lied to me.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


Disabled Defined
Unable to perform particular activities: describes somebody with a condition that makes it difficult to perform some or all of the basic tasks of daily life.

When people ask me about my broken thy bone or femur, I say,
“I cannot high jump 6 foot anymore.”

The Disable Americans Vets in Baguio discuss percentages.

“I am 60 percent disabled and I get 3000 dollars per month”
“He is 100 percent disable and gets 6000 dollars per month.”

I tend to think the goal of many disabled American Vets is to increase the percentage from say 30-80, or 80 to 100 and thereby increase their monthly pay.

What problems I have today

Ever since I broke my femur, I have never been able to push off with my toes properly, I cannot jump correctly, however more important the left butt muscle atrophies. When I worked in the USA, I would work out in the gym, do specific exercises to keep the muscles in the left leg closer to the same size as the right leg, it never worked.

Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome is caused by imbalance or structural problems in the bones.

Example: A very fat person’s stomach strains the spine until it pops…. Hehehe. The vertebrae pushes against the spinal cord and you have Sciatica or pain down your leg.

I am not fat, I say I am fat, but I am only about 20 pound overweight, in comparison to men in my same age group, I am skinny… this is sad.

I am sitting here in San Fernando, Bauang, La Union, Philippines asking myself this question.

“What is the advantage for me, Andy Graham with this disability to be in the Philippines?”

There are many, I mean the list is so numerous I am going to have trouble explaining simply. Generally though the reason is this, I can waddle my way through all the possible problems, question, answers and solutions cheaply.

Example, I am going to go get an X-ray of my femur, I have not seen one since I was 23, and I want to know what the status is today. I want to have a doctor tell me what he or she thinks.

Maybe 20 Dollars to do this or maybe 30.

Playing the “What if game” is possible to do here; I can explore possible solutions cheaply. I can compensate, learn, train myself to circumvent these medical problems, I can minimize the disability.

Doctors perform Trial and Error methods

I talked with a Doctor in Thailand.
I talked with a Doctor in Lorma Hospital here in Philippines.

I said, I have a nodule or cysts on my back, I then say I have sciatic nerve pain. They answer,
“We need to get an MRI.”

I say, what is this Cyst, this baby hurts?

They ignore the cyst and continue towards the MRI, I have now appeased them and they say, yes you have a bulge pushing against your nerve. I say fine, but the cyst is still hurting.

There answer is for me to go to physical therapy. I see this as just passive treatment to try to get me to stop talking about the pain. More or less pain management, not solving the problem.


I can afford to go to this Hospital daily until I am happy, this is great. It cost me about 10 US dollars per visit, or about 500 Pesos.

Trial and Error until I succeed, this is truly the art of success for any business, eliminate all the negatives and what is left is the solutions. I will continue to ask question until I solve this problem. Better yet, I will continue to explain my broken femur, the lack of muscle, get an x-ray and do this until they see clear, the well-defined problem explains the solution.

Here is the link where I information for my sciatica disability: Sciatia Solutions

If you are critical thinker and want to learn about related information on how we work through this mental masturbation, I would recommend you read this book called Psycho Cybernetics, a book showing you how we work toward goals by doing the wrong things.

99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration…

Disabled American Veterans in Philippines


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On Veterans Disability Compensation and Care

Andy, you are very emphatic about facts so in keeping with your pledge, allow me me to disabuse your readers of some problems in your assessment of disabled vets living in the Philippines.

Disability compensation is based on percentage as proscribed by VA formulas. It ranges from 10 to 100 and pays the following monthly:

10= $123.00

As you can see, this is a far cry from the $3000 to $6000 dollars you stated. The vast majority of disabled vets are below 50 and a very very few are at 100. In addition, it takes YEARS of waiting to get evaluated, treated and paid compensation by the VA. Doctors appointment take MONTHS to schedule and ONLY IF YOU ARE SERVICE CONNECTED! There are OVER 700,000 backlogged claims pending in the VA for mostly combat and service related damage to soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen dating back to the Vietnam War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Somalia, Operation Iraq Freedom, Afghanistan..etc.... Many wounded warriors have gone penniless and unable to make a living due to battle damage and service connected injuries they received and are still waiting for VA claims to be adjudicated. In the meantime, they go without proper treatment, cannot find good jobs, and are pushed aside by society as "not THEIR problem"!

Veterans on VA compensation move to the Philippines because we cannot afford to live in the USA on these ratings! We find our peace and comfort in fellow veterans, our Filipino families, and our belief and commitment to our God and Country.

VA compensation is not free money! Service men and women signed a blank check to the US Govt. upon enlistment. This check is payable up to and including ....YOUR LIFE! 56,700 of my brothers wrote the entire check during the Viet Nam war alone. Hundreds of thousands more have been injured and survived and need health care to live a miserable survival life of dioxin poison, shrapnel, blood poisoning, psychotic damage, traumatic brain injuries, explosions that paralyze or destroy body tissue and bones, and on and on...

Yet here in the Philippines, the only healthcare a veteran MIGHT receive is an outpatient visit to Manila that will cover ONLY medical care needed to treat SERVICE CONNECTED injuries or diseases. So a veteran who has suffered brain injuries can get medication and treatment for that disease alone, but if he breaks his leg or suffers a late life stroke, HE IS ON HIS OWN for paying for his hospital or doctors care and medications.

You are suffering from complications from a broken leg treated years ago. Yet you did not get proper treatment at that time. Your civilian option is to file medical malpractice and receive compensation. A veteran who was treated and released for wounds, diseases or broken bones while in the service has NO RECOURSE to the govt. to file malpractice if the doctor screws up. Instead he must spend months or even many years proving that the battle damage or service injury happened while on duty. He is not allowed a lawyer to sue the govt.

The VFW indeed sits down with veterans who need help filing the huge volume of paper needed to provide the VA with proof of service connected injury. The GOVT. does NOT DO THIS for the veteran. Only volunteers staffed by the VFW, American Legion and DAV (fellow veterans) are willing to help the veteran file his claim. State veterans service boards are cash strapped and offer very poor, if any, county veteran or state veterans assistance. Convicted felons are treated far better in prison health clinics and hospitals than US veterans waiting for treatment are!

And yet THESE VERY VETERANS are the men who raise thousands of dollars every year to give to a community they call their home...the women, children and men of the Philippine Communities we live in!! We do not look for sympathy, pity or praise. We are loyal Americans who believe that in our sacrifice we must find room to help those even more misfortunate and in need. We do that proudly as Americans and Veterans.

You may get to see a broken veteran a few hours a day or a week. Yet that veteran must suffer silently in pain 24 hours a day, for many hundreds of thousands of vets. They drink to ease the grief and suffering, yes, many do....but they are by far and above the greatest friends I've ever had in my life! Fellow Marines I have worked with comming from Iraq have survived getting blown up 2 and 3 times!! Never would we have survived that type of damage in Viet Nam. But they do live, in terrible pain and suffering...and they are forever condemned to live this life as a20 or 40 or 60 DAV, or 100 DAV. Only their fellow veterans it seems really give a shit about and relate to, how they feel and offer the support and care that no other agency can give...!!!

"If you want to see the PRICE OF FREEDOM....go visit a veterans hospital for a full day"

Semper Fidelis!

JD Keller
Sergeant of Marines
Viet Nam Veteran
M.O.C. Honor Degree, Pup Tent 7

Thanks JD for the clarification, I appreciate your sacrifice.

Note, I get zero money or disability, I must earn enough money to pay for my problems. hehehe

I am wandering, if I got this medical treatment inside the USA, the Insurance companies would all have records. I suppose one great reason to come over to the Philippines is to keep the known problems off the books.

I made the choice to ride the motorcycle, I took the risk, I am paying the price today as I did when I got to walk around on my armpits for a year. (Crutches)

My goal in the post was to allow an American Veteran to know there is another choice, another option than to pay the high cost of living in the USA.

There is a "buy American" or "use American" mentality that prevails even with my Factory Worker, Factory Union Worker Mother and Family.

Truthfully, in my do good for the world mentality, the last thing I want to do is buy American to help the planet earth. I want to distribute the money to the poor countries like the Philippines.

I on the other hand give only 5 pesos as a tip at the VFW restaurant, these people need to remember they are in the Philippines, when they lose their job because all the VETS die, they need to live within the real society.

Fun stuff, but not as simple as being a patriot American.

Spend your money wisely, do not overpay, making the best use of your money is the free enterprise system at work. The Doctors in the USA need to compete with the Doctors in the Philippines to keep them from gouge collecting money.

Hmm, maybe the insurance companies can send people to the Philippines.

Thanks JD

I encourage the down to earth, good people of the planet to come to the Philippines and help another country change their culture.


Ummmm, I wondered if you would antagonize any Vets with your ill advised post. I see JD has set you straight on the disabled veteran issue. Better brush up on your Tagalog or hop a bus out of town. After that faux pas maybe you won't be so welcome at the Bauang VFW...

It seems to me you are second guessing the doctors. You have a diagnosis, you have a course of treatment, which you decided to discontinue because of transportation difficulties.

The doctors have told you it isn't the cause of your pain, but you persist.

if you think the cyst is the problem why not have an elective surgery to remove it?

“I think I am physically disabled, if I was an American Vet maybe I would qualify for free money.[*] The Philippines is a great place for disabled American Veterans.I tend to think the goal of many disabled American Vets is to increase the percentage from say 30-80, or 80 to 100 and thereby increase their monthly pay. ”

It’s your blog, but that seemed like a real callous comment.

Patriots don’t have to tell us they are patriots in their blogs or their family "buys American." The biggest “patriots” I’ve met don’t have to pronounce or utter their patriotism. The DAV plate speaks loads for many of them.

Lots of them don’t even have a voice. Homeless vets are to some degree invisible, or in the case of those in Thailand, and the Philippines forced to live outside their homeland on a pittance. They can’t afford a decent place in American society.

For a homeless friend of mine, in Honolulu, the adjustment of a 10 disability to a 30 and then a 70 disability was the difference from living in a tent on a hillside, and having an apartment to call home. The paperwork is huge, the denials and appeals process was monumental.

These are the guys who a long time ago, when they were young, were led into battle in wars politicians started. When the price came to be paid, the injuries did not generate “free money.”

Some of us would wish, Andy, would get back to the baling wire and ingenuity travel advice posts of yore.

*Read the fine print at the bottom of a DAV’s FREE MONEY disability payments and you will find the word--SACRAFICE… often for ungrateful fellow Americans!


The insurance industry is already experimenting with sending people overseas for cheaper treatment. Competition is the answer!


I have not said or done anything wrong, I do not apologize for my writing.

Maybe I use the wrong numbers, not the wrong theories.

100 percent is 2673.00
Add that with any Social Security or Pension and they may be at 6000 per month.

These men are the same as any other men.I thank them and appreciate their sacrifice.

I have been to Iraq, I have seen the wars, I have learned what is needed learned about the Global situation. War will always exist, and somebody will always die.

Callous, no this is reality.
I hope they all enjoy their lives

If a Vet cannot accept reality of war, then who can...


Hoz, I have a Charlie Foxtrot diagnose.
You are Filipino, I would hope you understand your own culture...

"It seems to me you are second guessing the doctors. You have a diagnosis, you have a course of treatment, which you decided to discontinue because of transportation difficulties.

Damn right I am not just going to trust a Doctor. I know my body and can go to places like Iraq, Africa and the Philippines because I can judge people great.

I say I have a nodule, or cyst, they keep saying to me this is not the problem.

Espinosa the Neural guy sends me to MRI
I get the MRI, they say I have a bulge impinging on nerve.
They send me to Doctor Chiu, the Orthopedic Doctor.
Doctor Chiu makes me do many movements with my body and says if you have this, then you cannot do these exercises.
I go to Doctor Acacio the Physical Therapist who now says I have Piriformis, why, because I said I think I have Piriformis Syndrome.
They want to give me Ultrasound and other ways to get pain to stop.
I do not give a crap about the pain,
I need a solution I can do anywhere, not in a Physical Therapy office, the person who they wanted to give me Therapy did not speak English, that would be educational.

Doctor Chiu does not know what Piriformis Syndrome is, and if he does, he does not understand my English, but this is not important, I do.

Acacio does, and she is the solution, not the diagnose, but she does not give me Therapy, some 200 peso per day person does, who is he or she?

I went today to get an X-ray, I got it.

This is not the best of the best Doctors, this is the Philippines, this is not Saint Lukes, this is the San Fernando Hospital in boom F, Egypt Philippines.

The last thing a person should ever do in the Philippine is just trust a Philippines person.

I am told that daily by expat, if not twice daily.

Can-0-Worms Andy,

But I have met a lot of these guys. Especially the ones in Angeles City. They are mostly decent folks that have earned every penny. However 95 percent are not living in AC because they can not afford to live in the states and are banished to foreign lands They are here because they still have life in them and they want to enjoy it.

"You fought in 2 wars and would like to enjoy a few cigarettes and a couple of beers"? says the 22 year old female bartender at a TGIF restaurant in Anywhere,USA ?

OK one or two Blueberry Pale Ales or Snuffy McGritty's Indian style pale ale old man ? and you'll have to smoke outside in the snow storm and take a 20 dollar cab ride home if you plan on having 3 beers and the second you can me "TOOTS" I'm calling the police again !

Hell, with the meds you got to take because of the shrapnel still left in your back from WWII you better only have one and get home before dark. Matlock comes on at 6pm and 60 minutes follows that if your still awake she says........

Nope their here because they enjoy life and are not going to be told they can not be a man anymore.

Simple as that. Money issues aside. Life is pretty dam good in the Philippines when your a VET surrounded by many friends and if you lived through your armed service contract and get a decent check+ SS and or pension over $1,500 combined or more life is really good. Not such a good deal if you didn't if you live and your spending eternity down the road in the Clark AFB Cemetery. But even those guys that didn't make it would rather be bushing up palm trees rather than fertilizing some run down public drinking area called a cemetary in many USA cities and having thier gaves pissed

Semper Fi brothers...Carry on.

and don't forget to tip the waitresses more than 5 peso's after a few rounds.

You won't here many nursing a 50 cent San Miguel that is outstanding summer beer

Thanks Chuck, some more clarity on this issue that is not the topic.

In my opinion, the goal of writing it to get people to think.

JD is smart, I know him personally, he is a good guy, about 65. I could push his buttons in second, he is living a war of his own, these buttons are still easy to find, if not too easy.

He made a long... comment.

The reason allow comments is for people to correct me, disagree with me, answer my proposals, and to allow them to think.

Some of these Expats NEED to think, they need a project, they need a place where they can vent or talk out issues.

Someone out there is doing a Google right not, they wll find my page, they will hate me, but they will find the Disabled American Vets in Baguio at the Red Lion Inn, in the VFW in Bauang, the VFW in Subic, the VFW in Angeles.

I do not want the love of the American Vets, I do not want the love of readers. I want the love of real people in my daily life who I respect.

One of my many goals in a post will be accomplished, to allow a soldier to find his home away from home by finding this post, then finding JD. The will for sure shoot the messenger.

I will be off to Africa, South America, they will still be here fighting their wars.


Hey guys, thinking of moving there, any advise? 100 connected Nam Jack

I think if you join this Yahoo Groups thing, they can give you all the advice you need.

Andy in Bauang and Baguio Philippines Sept 2009

A trust betrayed?

The Chief Judge of Congress’s Court of Veterans Appeals stated that the, "Constitution, Statutes and Regulations" are "policy freely ignored" by both "The Veterans Health Administration" and the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), i.e., the "STATE OF COURT" transcript PARAGRAPH 9 with Congress’s law of the land U.S. CODE, TITLE 38, SECTIONS (§) 511 and § 7252. Decisions of the Secretary finality REFERENCES [1], [2] and [3]. This is a no teeth Congressional LEGISLATIVE vs an independent from Congress and the DVA, Judicial Branch Court. The DVA Health Care laymen, "initial adjudicators" still are not held responsible for their "freely ignored" and medically ignorant "Schedule of Ratings for Disabilities" decisions. Thereby, lost are those rights that so many have died for!

A couple of examples of the "initial adjudicators" to date "freely ignored" are this veterans 1957 DVA Physician’s resultant, "MPerR PERMANENT" "SURGEON HQ ARRC JUN 25 ‘58 MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED FOR MILITARY SERVICE"! Then the adjudicator laymen’s 6/27/96 Supplemental Statement Of Case (SSOC) no "...competent medical evidence...".

It is now 15 years later without the Chief Judge's 1994 advised Congressional oversight. Please hold your U.S. House and Senate members accountable for Congress’s perverted Veteran Care.


[1] The complete 16 paragraph "STATE OF COURT" transcript is available on request. Previously at, and now missing from the Chief Judges and state_of_court sites: www.goodnet.com/~heads/nebeker and www.firebase.net/state_of_court_brief.htm







OCTOBER 17-18, 1994

{as it appears in Veterans Appeals Reporter}"

--------------------PARAGRAPH 9 of 16 in "STATE OF COURT" TRANSCRIPT records DVA laymen ignoring medical opinion without veteran recourse.-----------------------------

"I believe my message is clear. There is, I suggest, no system with judicial review which has within it a component part free to function in its own way, in its own time and with one message to those it disappoints -- take an appeal. That is, I am afraid, what we have today in many of the Department's Agencies of Original Jurisdiction -- that is AOJs -- around the country. Neither the Court, through the Board, the Board, nor the General Counsel has direct and meaningful control over the Agencies of Original Jurisdiction. Indeed, it is also clear that the VHA -- the Veterans Health Administration -- ignores specific directives to provide medical opinions as directed. And this is resulting in unconscionable delays. Let us examine judicial review. Remember, the Court and the Board do not make policy, the Secretary and Congress do. The Court simply identifies error made below by a failure to adhere, in individual cases, to the Constitution, statutes, and regulations which themselves reflect policy -- policy freely ignored by many initial adjudicators whose attitude is, "I haven't been told by my boss to change. If you don't like it -- appeal it." (Emphasis added)

The top medically ignorant "boss" is Congress’s confirmed "Secretary" of the DVA.

AND THE CONGRESS’S "policy freely ignored" UNITED STATES CODE law of the land, Health Care take away from Veterans:

§ 511. Decisions of the Secretary finality


"(a) The Secretary shall decide all questions of law and fact necessary to a decision by the Secretary under a law that affects the provision of benefits by the Secretary to veterans or the dependents or survivors of veterans. Subject to subsection (b), THE DECISION OF THE SECRETARY AS TO ANY SUCH QUESTION SHALL BE FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE AND MAY NOT BE REVIEWED BY ANY OTHER OFFICIAL OR BY ANY COURT, whether by an action in the nature of mandamus or otherwise." (Emphasis added)

THEREFORE, NO COURT REVIEW OF THE MEDICALLY UNTRAINED DVA laymen and "Secretary" "schedule of ratings for disabilities" decisions as proven by:

§ 7252. Jurisdiction finality of decisions

"(b) Review in the Court shall be on the record of proceedings before the Secretary and the Board. The extent of the review shall be limited to the scope provided in section 7261 of this title. THE COURT MAY NOT REVIEW THE SCHEDULE OF RATINGS FOR DISABILITIES adopted under section 1155 of this title or any action of the Secretary in adopting or revising that schedule." (Emphasis added.)

Presidential Executive Order 9397 sets the stage for the proper chronological review of all "mater's of record" of Veterans Ajudicating Claim's be they before the Veteran's Administration or a Service Member's Board of Correction of Military Record's.

I am rated TandP at 110 "service connected" {non-combat}10 hearing loss and 100 Trumatic Brain Disease due to four (4) in service head injuries and reaction to anti-malaria medication's. I did not win this award "from the Record"...this was given under "Equpoise" {beneift of doubt}...it only took me 35 year's to fight the beurocrocy's...in learning the clout contained in EO 9397...I sent an Email to the attention of President Bush...six month's latter he writes an amendment to said EO as dated November 18, 2008 basicly disallowing any complaints connected with the mis-use (compiling the record in it's true chronological order)...it is time we gather the force to be heard accross the land in regard tro EO 9397 and in particular now that Obahma himself is under the watchful eye of "We The People" because of his alleged "mis-use" of his own social security # and the facts contained in his "chronology" since the "correct" SS# was issued. (are u aware of the conterversy of his SS # starting with "042" which is linked to Conneticut and not Hawaii).

I have more on this subject but to lengthy to discuss here.

If you have a further interest...telephone me at 313 969-9786...or email me at fournietr@aol.com.

Former Navy Storekeeper 3rd Class (Jack of the Dust)
USS Midway CVA-41
USS Maury AGS-16
USS San Onafry ARD-30 Submarine Base Pearl Harbor
US Naval Air Station - Mayport - Fla

my grandfather is a filipino us veterans and a us citizen too he applied for a petition to get some of her siblings after living in the states for 5 to 6 yrs he decided to lived here in the philippines and this month the petition he applied was out my question is is there would be a problem about the petition that now hes living here in the philippines for about 10 yrs now and and my grandfather doesnt want to go back to the states plz i need answer god bless

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