Dilla Ethiopia

Dilla Ethiopia
Dilla, Ethiopia is the champ, brain drain is in full force, what is left over is those who forgot to get on the bus.

I suppose Dilla has some type of wholesale market city specializing in plastic shoes. This city is another of the many truck stop dust bowl cities in Ethiopia on the road that leads to Kenya.

These shoes were in the Beteseb Hotel next to my bed, I am told Ethiopia manufactures all type of these plastic shoes. Non-matching shoes metaphorically explains the situation in Africa, there is a problem.

Dilla, Ethiopia, no street lights, rude people, the children and even the adults ask for money, the electricity never works, the internet café people are brainless and the girls all seems to be in “business.” working for 200 Birr per day.

Dila or Dilla, Ethiopia
East Africa
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
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Khat or Miraa, Ethiopia is a country addicted to chewing these leaves; it is the national pastime and dominates the culture.

Dilla has some coffee places along the street that sell coffee for 10 cents or 1 Birr. The video rentals are one Birr and pretty good quality, someone maybe in this village done a better job of making copies.

Dilla Ethiopia


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you know what ? u dont even know the country i can tell because all things you are talking about is untrue . dilla never have rude people , peoples hospitality is so great . you dont know about dilla so please dont just say awful things about that beautiful country and watch your mouth . thanks,

hi you are so ugly ...why b/c u don t know dilla so why u writ this kind of ....sorry im student in adama i sow dill ons up on a time she was very nice country ..b/t u r so megrem

Unless you fully understand the topic / subject you are discussing don’t post it on the www, it makes you sound dumb. Your first mistake was the assumption you made about the plastic shoes, for your information some or most of the plastic shoes you were referring to come from Kenya. Your second mistake, is again assuming Africans wear mismatched shoes. Have you for a second stopped to think maybe just maybe the maids had switched the shoes accidentally? How can you open your mouth and talk about every Ethiopian as a Khat or Miraa chewer.
Dilla is a beautiful city, filled with beautiful people, there are plenty of street lights and the people of Dilla are not baggers’. I happen to grow up there and I can tell you I pride myself in my work ethics and pride for my people. Unlike you I am not a hatter. Ignorant, narrow-minded People like you should be banned from visiting beautiful places like Dilla.

I guess you do not believe people have the right to their own opinion, you are truly dangerous person.

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