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Did my Ivory Coast Girlfriend put a Voodoo on Me?

When Bah, my Ivory Coast girlfriend was leaving Ghana, she gave me a Bra, a Ring, then labeled a Stuffed Animal with her name.

I looked at her bewildered,
"Why give me a Bra?"

She insisted I take the Bra, and when I came to Ivory Coast she wanted it back. I admit, this is strange, I thought for a while she was marking territory, letting any girl near me know she was around. Voodoo is about a person putting influence into the mind of another person, it only work if peope believe. I do not believe, but I did return.

I made a joke here in Ivory Coast,
"You put Voodoo on me,"
She said,
"If I put Voodoo on you, you would never be able to leave."
"I go to Church, I don’t do voodoo."

Ivory Coast, West Africa --- Monday, February 28, 2011


This is the ring she gave me, I do not believe in Voodoo, but I admit, she has a hook cast into my brain.

Did my Ivory Coast Girlfriend put a Voodoo on Me?


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