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Definition of Fun is Spelled Easy

Life can be too complicate, and the art of having fun is simplicity. The simpler it is, the easier it is, the more fun. Well, Boy Genius went crazy today, we want page views, and therefore we are making it easy to click next, next, next, previous, and previous on pages. We call this pagination, and it is not easy to code, but makes a site easier to use.

YouTube.com is not the definition of fun for a webmaster, yes, it is nice to have YouTube.com host all 200 plus videos I have made. However, YouTube does me no favors, I am not loyal the site in the least, they take traffic from my site, they do not give traffic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


This is the definition of fun; you can now scroll through all the travel videos without confusion thanks to brainstorm by Boy Genius. Soon we will allow member to connect this feature to their profile by just telling us their username.

My Mother
I want my mother to understand all my videos on YouTube, the problem is this. I would need to completely educate her on YouTube.com. My father and mother are older; I know the definition of fun for me is when we can make HoboTraveler.com easy enough for an old man and women to enjoy.

Yes, the definition of fun is when something is intuitively easy to learn, when it just easy, not a lot of brain bandwidth needed.

Definition of Fun is Spelled Easy