Cuba Car Engine

Yes, it is an old car; now show me what is under the bonnet. The body of a car bores me to death, excessively simple, just another pretty face, I want to see the engine, yesterday I was lucky, a man was working in the street, and this is not that common here in Cuba. This country is organized, clean, and rich, however maybe boring.

Four Cylinders

Havana Habana Cuba Thursday, December 10, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
Travel Gear

The outside of this same car.

Cuba Car Engine


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i am very disappointed in your Cuba comments - you keep making broad statements about
Cuba, when it appears to me, all you've seen is Havana. Imagine someone commenting
on Columbia based on a week in Bogota -

Considering you have the advantage of speaking the language, I would have thought you
would get much more - instead you are looking for things that will allow you to continue
to support your preconceived ideas

A true travellor has an open mind and an open spirit - I have been to Cuba twice- did not stay in a 5 star hotel - mingled with the locals and learned a great deal about what life it like - salaries are low and those who work in the tourist industry depend a great deal on ''things'' they receive from visitors
things that would be expensive to purchase - the tips are also something that helps them support large extended families - but

No on goes hungry in Cuba, everyone is literate, has access to health care - can the same be said of Columbia - I think not - 5 own 95 of the wealth- illiteracy is high, infant mortality high
need I say more -

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