CouchSurfing.Com Says Sleep on Couch

There is a social web site that allows people to find couches to sleep on around the world.

I has some fears and trepidations the first time I heard of this phrase or site “Couch Surfing.”

Taipei, Taiwan
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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I was lying on this couch in the TaiwanMex Taipei Taiwan Hostel appreciating what a fine couch this was, when I started to think about

Mimi the cat has trying her best to be a good photo model, I am sorry the fluorescent lights have not assisted these photos well.


“Geez, have you seen the couches of the world?”

The USA has great couches, I truly enjoy lying around in the USA on a couch, however since I have left the USA about 10-11 years ago, I cannot really say I have seen many couches. I see some highly uncomfortable benches they call couches, however relatively rare to find a good lie down and sleep for a couple of hours couch.

“They will make me eat their food.”

I have this uncanny ability to get asked into the homes of people, I love to enter homes and visit, see how other cultures live their lives. I truly am appreciate that something about myself that enables people to feel comfortable enough to ask me to their home.

I almost religiously say.
“NO thank you.”

Well, the reason is this, if you are invited into a home, what is the first thing they want you to do?

I am the most persnickety eater on the planet, I cannot eat a new food until I nose around if for at least a week. I have to look, examine, probe, ask a few questions and then finally if nobody is looking, I will try it.

Strange I know, but is like this, I could easily start to vomit the food if I did not like it, I mean I can have such a revulsion to most foods that it embarrassing.

What do people do when I am invited into their homes, they say,
“This is a popular food of our country, you have to try it.”

I want to say,
“You do not know me, I will not try it, even if I was an Ambassador of the USA in you country visiting your ruling King, Chief or Dictator.”

So, the idea of getting invited into home is a nerve wracking for me, I want to have my friends sign a written document.
“I will not try to make you eat.”

“Endless tours of the city and country.”

I am not a tourist, I do not enjoy looking at tourist attractions 24/7 and really do not want to be given an endless tour of a city, country or all the Bars they know, a couple is ok, but truly some people never give up.

- I end up being the Rich American that gets to pay for every persons meal and all their friends.

Scare the people, maybe I will scare them so much they throw me out of the house. I am a little over the top mentally, I overwhelm the majority of people that are near me, I may be too intense.

Hmm, maybe I get addicted to Couth Surfing because I like it so much.

… hehehe and probably will stop me.
I do not want to put my photo on any web site.

Well, I think should be good fun, I hope the world enjoys it, I need to see if I can do it without using a photo. It would be nice to sleep on a couple of couches in Korea and Japan.

Now, truly folks, I have been couch surfing for years even before it became fashionable. Like I said, I have this uncanny ability to get invited into the homes of people, and they often offer me a bed. I suspect you will never read about it on a this blog, I try to keep friendships at a distance in case they go bad, I find is bad form to go around chatting about people who are generally nice, however have their days of being complete jerks.

Wade of has been enjoying couch surfing in New York City, he got to sleep on a girls couch, seems like a good idea, I am not always sure about the new male gender on the planet, seems less annoying if I would go couch surf on a girls couch. by Wade

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You forgot to include the "American Fear" factor. Should you seek to save 5-8 dollars by riding a couch you must endure hours upon hours of George Bush is retarded and Dick Chaney rules the world. Well George went to Yale about the same time as John Kerry and took similar classes and score better than Kerry before they started to award A's for life experience.

Couch surfing Simple not worth it in MHO as a American unless your a hippie'rasta liberal, type that think a 1 party political system is great if it is the one you like and spread the wealth and have good vibes is your thing then you can couch surf forever.... However you will still be thought as a American and need to provide most of the $$$ Fun while you turns of a lot of Couch surfers in the end...

again thought this through well and get some sleep spend the 8 bucks for that rat trap you will get better sleep and not be forced to defend your country all night without sleep.

Hello, that was enlightened Chuck, I see you have a clear understanding what I have to listen to continuously...

"must endure hours upon hours of George Bush is retarded and Dick Chaney rules the world"

No brains involved, just repeating of the same mindless words.

Hi Mr. Andy,
Sounds like you would be a hoot just to follow and watch your reactions..hehe. Honestly though, I can sympathize a bit. Having the honor to wear the uniform of my country in a few foreign lands, I can testify to having to bite my lip on several occasions. Sometimes not very successfully. Then again there were times when I was certain trouble was brewing and was completely wrong. Once in Austrailia I wandered away from the beaten path. Found a quiet little bar and struck up a conversation with the barkeep. My spider sense went off when I noticed through conrner of my eye a gaggle of guys dressed like something from a Mad Max movie. Evidently they heard me talking and one came up to me. I was locked and loaded mentally for what I thought was coming. The Aussie just asked Hey yank you know how to play the spoons? I looked over his shoulder and saw one of the others knee slapping to a beat. Being born and bred southern Georgia...hehe, I told him Hell yeah!, nothing like a good old fashioned hambone session. They also got a laugh and knew immediately my reasons, when I asked them not to call me yank..(shudder). Maybe watching too much of the Three Stooges or Tom and Jerry had too much influence on my sense of humor.
Take care farmboy

I am from the North, I am a Yahkee, I always thought, it is not good to call people from the south of the USA Yank or Yankee, just a good way to get punched.

(shhh...hint, friend Loren Everyly has made himself a virtual career of meeting women through surfing their couches . .. . the fellow now has a dock in every port and still refuses to admit that he is a lady's man . ..But I, good friends, have seen him in action haha shhh ..)

Yes, I too am torn on using It is a good resource in a jam and and will usually provide a little story to tell . .. which is always worth it in retrospect . . but not having a place to abscond to, not having a door to close gets a little tiring.

Your fears are warranted, but I recommend trying it in Japan and Korea.

Really ;-)


Haha . .. not to say that ol' Loren's findings are similar to my own haha.

Mira would strangle me if they were haha.


Loren's paying dearly for his FREE couch believe me. Some people would rather do the unthinkable than work.

Think Hippie long curly underarm hair bitter sunburnt older than they look post abortion now can't have a baby still living on the family dole type of women with bad teeth.


Not sure about "couch surfed 6 months statement". Take a look at the pictures from loren's trip to Russia. Those are some seriously hot girls he met and stayed with over there. If thats the cost of couch surfing sign me up.

Hello people... please... is a social network, it is 50 percent a dating service as are most of them.

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