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Rambling Robert's Comments

rambling robert commented about Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010, On Saturday December 18th, 2010 05:26:14 AM

religion is about personal transformation Religion, all religion when practiced CORRECTLY is about PERSONAL transformation. When Religion, any religion, seeks to transform society they become political.
Religion should NEVER be mixed with politics. All through history and on every continent and including today on every continent whenever the religious fanatics gain political power they all behave the same way. the name of the religion is irrelevant. Observe born again GW Bush, and now Barak Obama dropping bombs on untold numbers of innocent civilians (what would Jesus say about this??) The Ultra orthodox extremests jews in Israel have murdered intentionally and through "collateral damage" hundred and even thousands of Muslims and Christians (what would Solomon say about this?). Hindus burn alive train loads of muslim pilgrims and slaughtered countless Sikhs (What would krishna say about this?) The Thai Buddhist police and king are overseeing the ruthless repression of political disenters and Muslims in the south (What would buddha say about this?)
When your religion stops being about YOUR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and becomes about the TRANSFORMATION of your neighbor. The result is always thinly disguised murder in the form of executions, collateral damage police repression or some other synonym for homocide.
Respect for all religions your own and your neighbors is the true teaching of all holy men.

Comment About Is there a Christian vs. Islam War in Ivory Coast 2010

rambling robert commented about Video of Cape Coast Slave Fort in Ghana, On Sunday January 16th, 2011 06:38:51 AM

When I arrived Venezuela from Colombia, Travelled overland in Shared Taxi (huge oldsmobile sedan 1960s vintage) to Maracaibo and all the people who had cedula cards (ie those foreigners who were not required to have a passport) had to pay bribes to the army and police. about 4 or 5 stops and pays as I recall. I was the only one with a passport that was aboard and they ignored me each time.

Comment About Video of Cape Coast Slave Fort in Ghana