Cite Soleil Haiti Video

I stood in front of the Cite Soleil, Market and turned around 360 degrees. This video was made one or two weeks before the Haiti Earthquake.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, January 25, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Trying to explain the real situation of Cite Soleil, without all the hype. I was watching CNN and realized they was going to catastrophize my Haiti, this annoys me.

Haiti is an ok country, I truly do not like to hear the words, “Saving Haiti.” I think Haiti is more than capable of saving themselves, the world is a little arrogant, we must partner up with Haiti. I went to Haiti when nobody would go, this is a strange.

Cite Soleil Haiti Video


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Thanks Andy for the one sensible voice in the wilderness of sensational TV reporting. I even sensed a little pique from a CNN reporter when he visited a tent City where haitians were successfully rebuilding their lives .
This tragedy happened in Port au Prince , probably the equivalent of the London Blitz . However , we cleared the ruble and life went on . My hope is that the people will cast off the UN influence become free and independant as they were when I was there .

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