Bucay Train in Ecuador

It looks like there is no train between Guayaquil, Ecuador and Bucay, Ecuador, so I will not be able to take the train. I am pretty sure there is a train from Riobamba to somewhere.

Oh well, so much for hopping the train.

I will leave tomorrow for Guayaquil by bus, stay a day, then go for the beach, I am thinking about a gold mine near Loja and may scoot across to see Loja and the gold mine, after the beach.


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there is cool train going to the coast from riobamba, which does the devil's ridge or called something like that.... where the train goes down switchbacks by going forward and then backwards down the mountain. never done it myself but wanted to as i spent 3 years there doing relief work around ec. guayaquil is tougher than the highlands so be on your smart. i built a cool little relief house not too awlful far from riobamba, above pujili that was quite an experience... fun country to explore, the highlands and the amazon part as you know.

Hmm... I will have to check the map, there may be a train directly to the ocean, and I am pretty sure there is a train from Riobamba to Bucay, however it stops there and has been broken for quite a few months I am told.
Andy in Machala Ecuador

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