Black to White House

Black to White House
President Obama is popular in Ethiopia, there is a positive attitude about the man that is infectious, and it does feel good to have people like the President of the USA for a change.

Moyale, Ethiopia
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black to White House

This was on a shirt in Hagare Marrian; however, they have been selling various types of shirts all along the path of my travels in Ethiopia.

The display of shirts, there are many that say,
“I have a Dream,” from the Martin Luther King speech.

What is a white person to say? I do find this hopeful and inspiring, I think Obama is giving confidence to the black people of the world. Generally, in the developed world, blacks have all the opportunities and even more than whites, however they needed a good Hero like Obama to help them believe in themselves.

The Obama Bar in Mega, Ethiopia

I have a dream, I wish the Black people of the USA would love Africa enough to come and visit it, instead of 99.99 percent being whites.

Black to White House


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Its sort of like the first Black baseball player...such a curiosity and to see if he could really play and when he could you did not notice the second one...hope it goes the same way.

Blacks will have to start traveling anywhere before they can go to africa. Ive been around the world, not as much as you but still the only americans I ever see on the road are either white or asian. never black. If blacks do start traveling overseas Im sure they will go to africa. It is a very charming place after all.

i need the diplay of various store

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