Bags of Water Travel Tips

Cheap water comes in bags. The locals normally drink water from plastic bags; it is the most economical way of purchasing water, in Haiti you can buy it cold. I often go snooping around in fridges in expensive tourist area for the hidden bags of water the locals drink. Shops will hide them from the tourist in favor or selling expensive bottled water.

This little Haitian boy is demonstrating.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Ayiti - Sunday, November 15, 2009
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I get 2-3 bags for five Gourde; this is about eight cents U.S.

You chew away a corner of the bag, squeeze it and the water flows into mouth, it is probably healthier because there is no air swallowed.

Bags of Water Travel Tip


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Dear Andy , what I want you to do in Haiti is to seek out the culture and history of a people that have survived and risen above even worse times than these . Remember , the Island suffered from the intrusion of the American Marines in the twenties .
Are ther no longer any carnivals ? Troups of drummers and dancers coming down from the hills to dance in the streets ? Even ( polliticaly incorrect ) cock fights ? You have been there over a week without a mention of the Voodoo that made the whole of Port au Prince throb on nights of worship ! Usualy the cock that won in the fights became a sacrifice on that occasion )

awwwww that is so cute .... never seen anyone drinking water out of a plastic bag. I think you're right about it being healthier too.



I just noticed you when I was checking out Togo, Africa, because my HVAC cleaner is from Togo and is in Colorado going to college. So I haven't checked out your whole website, but have you had tag a longs sometimes or is it best to be on your own? Just something I've dreamed of for a long time.

I would welcome women tag alongs under 30 and good physical shape. Extremely wealthy is fine also, and of course Shakira has a standing invitation for years.

reverse osmosis is bad for you, i want to travel like you dude, i love camping , and have always slept on the floor even when i could sleep in a it hard to find work in all these places? do you have like construction skills or something? farming? thanks for inspiring

I have farming, construction, and mechanical experience. Lots

i make choices that are optimal, not to live difficult. The water is the optimal option available.

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