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Bag of Potatoes in Isiolo Kenya

Bag of Potatoes in Isiolo Kenya
I was strolling through the Isiolo, Kenya food market when a gentleman passed me carrying a large bag. Nothing new, people are always walking by with large somethings, the 2-wheel cart has not found it’s way to Kenya, labor is so cheap they do not even buy carts.

Well, I looked at the sack, I see a few potatoes poking there way out of the bag, I look down the length of the bag. My mind starts to compute and I quickly pull out my camera and zoomed in to take this photo.

Isiolo, Kenya
Published from Nanyuki, Kenya
East Africa
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am farm boy at heart, I know construction, when I see a boy or man carrying a bag of grain on his back, I know how much it weights. When I see a boy pile two bags of concrete on his back, I know how much it weighs.

I am not so good with Potatoes, however this bag must weigh close to three hundred pounds, at least double the mans body weight.

This is a tremendous amount of weight for one person to carry.

Here is a good photo of Kenya kitchen supplies being sold in the same market, the plastic containers are for carrying or storage of water. I am not sure what the boxes are for, this is one of the first times I have encountered them.

Bag of Potatoes in Isiolo Kenya