Andy You Talk Too Much

Andy You Talk Too Much
Since returning to Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand, I have realized that I talk a lot. Amazing, I can sit and eat Chicken Fried Rice and talk to anybody, I am not prejudice, if you are close enough to me, then I will talk to you.

Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road - Center of Backpacker Universe
Southeast Asia
Sunday, June 14, 2009


I wonder if there is a correlation between me talking a lot and me writing a lot? I think of writers like Michael Crichton, I wonder if he was a blabbermouth. What about Paul Theroux, does he have verbal diarrhea. I cannot say I know many writers up close and personal, maybe they are not talkers, maybe they just walk around talking to themselves.

What a lot of rambling, like I said,
“I talk too much.”

I did a search on for and I read a lot of comments about me talking, other sites will talk about me talking…

Andy You Talk Too Much


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Hey Andy--

Your hobo life is fantastic! If youre ever feeling particularly verbose, theres an ongoing collection of itinerant lives at Heres hoping that today and tomorrow and all the following will keep on keeping you in happy adventures!



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