Andy Graham in Guatemala 2010

Andy Graham in Guatemala 2010

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This is Andy Graham of, I hope life is good. I have been traveling now for 12 years and visited 88 countries. I am presently in Guatemala, and wanted to update loyal readers on changes.

I am not the same person that left small town Indiana 12 years ago, I have become a citizen of the world, experienced, yet humbled daily by the realization of how short life is and the wonders of the planet.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, June 21, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Changes to
1. New Photo Link is included in every letter.
2. Merging Blog, Newsletter and Daily Photos into one missive.
3. Increase in the number of photos, 12 years ago, I was lucky to take five photos per day and publish to the internet, now it is possible for me to take and publish up to 200 photos.

My Lifestyle Change
I have decided to slow down my travels and stay longer in cities; I will now negotiate rooms for one month and upgrade the quality of my room. I am in the process of writing a book explaining how people can live in Paradise for less than 500 Dollar per month.

Traveling fast and furious through many countries is more about an adventure, I will still live the adventure, but I will now share a lifestyle that I would recommend to anyone.

Learn how to live in Paradise that starts at 500 Dollars per month. Plan you escape, change your stars, life is about living, be the hero or your life.

Thank you, Andy Graham

Andy Graham in Guatemala 2010


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Andy said.....

My Lifestyle Change
I have decided to slow down my travels......

Sounds like Andy needs a Vacation ?

How do you take a vacation from a vacation? Isn't that the same as going back to work?! I got a cubicle I can sell you cheap!

Only 54 people SHOT in Chicago this weekend.

Thank God they have the toughest gun laws or it could have been worse,
says Mayor.

NOT KIDDING,CST-NWS-shootingss22.article

any guess to the racial break down of the gunmen ?

If you write and market this book the right way, I think that it has the potential to match or surpass your current income from your website.

Be sure that you title it something akin to "How to live on $500 per month in Paradise" or something similar. The BIGGEST mistake the "How an Average Man Lived an Adventurous Life" guy made was that title. It doesn't communicate what people want to know. Therefore, I'm sure that his book sells much less than it otherwise could have. Additionally, it seems that the better title is wide open, meaning that no one else has written a book with such a title. Grab it.

Definitely get it edited by at least two qualified people. Bad editing, or lack of editing, will ruin a book. I've seen it. Especially because your used to writing in an abbreviated style for the web. Don't skimp on the editing. Additionally, after your done writing it, take a couple of months off, and don't look at it. Then go back and read it again. You need time off from your own writing to be able to look at it in an objective way. You'll be surprised at how much you rewrite after you take time off.

Don't hold back. The world appreciates actual usefulness, and disrespects shallow information. The more useful your book, the more that it will sell.

Good luck. I'm sure that it will be a fun, but tedious, process.

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