Monetization Experiments Monetization Experiments has changed and so has my site, maybe me and can work together now. I have tried to use in the past to make money for me to travel. However, I never made diddle, it was an ungodly amount of work with no money at the end. I would have made more money digging ditches.

Maybe has evolved, I know I have, I would suspect they have while I was not watching. I hope they have evolved, I am thinking maybe they have. I am hoping I can utilize their links to make some money.

Who knows, this type of work takes days, months, and years of experimentation. For sure, the only people who can make money from Internet sites are the persistent and anal bunch like me.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


I am just giving my hard-core readers a heads up, I am experimenting with So do not get annoyed, just try to understand. It takes a lot of money to travel the planet perpetually. I am not on vacation, I never go home. I live traveling, I must continually make money or eventually I would need to stop.


I live traveling, I do not live in the USA.

As best I can tell, I am one of the only people on planet earth that actually travels and writes. Most Travel Writers get free vacations given to them, they then suck up to the resort, say all sorts of bull about the resort or tourist destination in return for their free trip.

If they have an office, they are not a traveler… hehehe

This is not me; in fact, I would assume the majority of travel advertisers are scared to death of me. Oops, he said something bad about their moneymaker. I have the luxury to tell the truth, of course, this is my basic nature, and I truly think Travel Writers are the scum of the earth.

I have made a policy; I am not going to dwell on any of the bad features of a product. I love my BlackBerry Storm given to me by Verizon to review. I truly love this baby; however, what is the point in telling you all the shortcomings. We hope these smart phones evolve and I eventually and remove all their shortcomings, nothing is perfect.

Well, Wade, I am experimenting with, I think your idea to live on a boat may very well solve the eternal problem of perpetual travel. “How do I pay for my room?”

I subscribe to a daily Newsletter from I delete about 8 out of ten emails after reading the title, but the two I read is worth the time it takes to delete the 8.

Making Money with

Note, there is a lot more money to be made explaining how to make money, then making or writing original content… so be it.


Sneaky, that link is an link above. I thought it was going to be a banner. they can afford to be brazen, they do not pay me per click. I think they pay only if you buy. Truly they must make money or I do not get paid, I guess I can be very cavalier in how I talk about them. Monetization Experiments


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Andy says....Maybe has evolved, I know I have .........

Well incase that stuff doesn't work out for you here's a tip.

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - How to steal toilet paper?
Issue 100A - - December 10, 2002

One of my better tips, weighing the moral obligations of life, does a hotel need to supply toilet paper, should I hoard the stuff because the hotel does not care.

The Hotel was owned by a Swiss Guy, however the Thailand people were not concerned.

Life is not simple, but it is amusing.

Chuck, you have an overwhelming amount of brain wavelength, the amount of data going through the pipe is good.

Thanks for keeping my readers totally confused, incapable of having a clear thought, this is life, confusing and and amusing.

I just discovered your blog while planning my travels. Hmmmm. I read through as much as I could. After reading the first post about Amazon I thought, hey, at least he's trying.

But then I read "As best I can tell, I am one of the only people on planet earth that actually travels and writes."

You don't actually read much then?

"Most Travel Writers get free vacations given to them, they then suck up to the resort, say all sorts of bull about the resort or tourist destination in return for their free trip."

You recently wrote about marketing yourself to Philippine hotels for websites and photographs in exchange for accommodation etc. It's not exact to your statement, but then ..

"I love my BlackBerry Storm"

Yes, similar to the Travel Writer thing again.

"I am not on vacation, I never go home."

Yes you do. You did quite recently before your Africa trip go home!

I was looking at some travel sites recently and came across yours. It looked like a nice read. But I see inconsistency and well ... double standards. I also see a change in the writing style between some posts. And I wonder if it's not being churned out somewhere.

I think you speak with more honesty and straight forwardness than many commercial blogs. But I can't follow it as really it means nothing considering what I just mentioned.

I wish you the best, and hope you change things a little. Shame there's no RSS either!


Trenta stay home, you have zero ability to intuitiively understand people. This makes you a great target for theft, you will be robbed.If you cannot understand motive, intent and probability of comments you are hopelessly a sap.

You want a person to talk perfect, I mix it up between absolutes and reality. I am just like travel, not predictable, but I am real, real people do not make absolute comments.

I am a perpetual traveler, I never stay in one place longer than about 2-3 months. I also do not go home, this means.
"I do not go home to stay."

Yes, I go home to visit.

Please stay home, you are the type person I hate in the USA or Europe. problems so far.

1. A few emails sent to readers bounced because a malware or filter that stops emails thought the Amazon link was spam.

The reader does not know they never got the email... funny.

I think they offer frames, frames are the kiss of death for SEO sometimes as is AJAX.

I am making a page of products I recommend.

Fun, truly nice to have a 24/7 connection, I could actually fix links and make money if I did not travel.. hehehe
Hmm, misrepresented, I am making about 70 dollars per day right now and this is a three year low, I am trying to drive it back up over 100.

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