Adjusting Immersion Heater Travel Tip

Adjusting Immersion Heater Travel Tip
I always take a hot water bath because I carry a bucket and a hot water heater. I guess you call my heating apparatus an
“Immersion Heater”
An immersion heater needs immersed in water as far as possible, it is meant to be used only immersed in water, out of water it will burn up, There is a another HUGE problem, if you completely immerse the majority of Immersion Heaters they will burn up. Too far in or out and the heater will self-destruct, here is a solution.

Kilgoris, Kenya
East Africa
Thursday, June 4, 2009


I want to heat up a plastic water basin of water in my hotel; there is no edge to hang my immersion heater. This type of water basin is in the majority of Hotels in East Africa. As best I can figure out it is the custom here to bend over this basin and wash and not taking normal showers. Normally there is no dipper supplied, and if so probably for the toilet.

I do not want the immersion heater to fall completely into the water or it will burn up, I want it adjusted properly.

I found some 14 gauge copper wire in Tanzania, this country has great electrical wiring, better than most. I wanted to wrap it around the heater. I took the lighter and melt each side of the heater and then used a knife to notch the side. I then wrapped the copper wire around the handle and used my needle nose pliers to wind it up tight on the handle.

I can now bend the wire to different depths in a bucket; I do not need to heat the whole bucket of water. I have a five gallon bucket, to take a dip bath it is best to have up to five gallons, however less water heats faster.

With this apparatus I can now hang the heater down into the water to the proper depth.

Here is a photo of all the items needed to perform this task.

I am sure many a traveler or tourist is happy to return home so they can have a nice hot shower. I would not even consider traveling the planet without this 3-10 dollar immersion heater.

Adjusting Immersion Heater Travel Tip


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This is cool! Ive never seen this method of heating before. So how do you book your travels? I recommend

Even though the idea of heating the water with your immersion heater is great, why not use one of the camping/solar showers that you can get for $10-$20? You could put it outside your window or even just inside and still get warm water that actually comes down in a shower rather than having to bathe from a tub. I realize you need something portable, they even have pocket showers. Have you tried these? I use the $10 camping shower that has the black bag and the water is surprisingly warm. All the different kinds are available all over the internet, but this page has pictures/info on all the different kinds I am speaking, pocket, generic black bag, etc.

Solar Bags for showers are not reliable, traveling for years is not a game. I want a bath every day, not just when conditions are perfect.

It is 5:00 am here in Kenya, I just heated water with this method. I will go to Kericho today, it rains every afternoon.

I have big problems to get clothes to dry after hand washing. I am 100 percent sure solar showers do not work.

I carried on for a month one time until I realized it was a mean joke.

Yes if you lived on one location, never moved and did not have electricity I could see a use.

BUT a big black tank on the roof does the same.

Solar is good if you do not travel.

I think some type of wind up or peddle method for electricity is needed.

Wow! That is seems like a good idea, but...

Doesnt it melt the bottom of the wash basin?

If it fell in the water wouldnt you short out the electricity in your hotel? That could do some serious damage if there was no good fuse box.

Have you had any accidents with it?

Just curious.

This looks really neat. Ive got one of these lying in a box upstairs but do I stay in enough places with no hot water to justify carrying it. Spose that depends on the trip.

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