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2009 Enter Kenya Leave Ethiopia

2009 Enter Kenya leave Ethiopia
On March 29, 2009, I left Ethiopia and entered Kenya, the border crossing was easy. You can get a visa at the border without a problem for 50 US Dollars; they do not seem to issue multiple entry visas at the border though.

Moyale, Kenya
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

35-40 Kilos of my Backpacks in a Wheelbarrow

The walk from the Ethiopia side to the Kenya side is quite long, maybe a kilometer, I am not quite sure, there are collective taxis that will go all the way from one side to the other, however I never figured out how they worked. I ended up hiring a many with a wheelbarrow to walk haul may bags from the Ethiopia Hotel all the way to a Kenya Hotel.

For sure, the Ethiopia side is the enjoyable side of the border.

2009 Enter Kenya leave Ethiopia