How To Carry A Smartphone

How To Carry A Smartphone - How does a person carry a Smartphone when traveling?

Ways to Carry a Smartphone?

  1. In your hand, strangely this is a very common way.
    - Problem, people put down on table in restaurant and leave or it is stolen.
  2. Inside a Day bag
    - Problem it takes too long to open bag and retrieve to answer.
  3. In Cargo Pockets on the side of pants.
    - This is maybe the best providing you do not have quick open Velcro, and there is a way to slow down the pickpockets.
  4. Breast Pocket in a Sport Jacket
  5. Clip on holder for belt.
    - Tells people you have something to steal.
    - The magnetic clips can cause problems for memory storage devices
    - Belts cause problems at Airport security checks.
  6. In front pocket or rear pocket of pants.
    - The buttons will dial numbers
  7. Farmer Rule Pocket on side of Mens Pants


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Yeh that is a good list of precaution. Better is to keep smart phones inside the pocket. Better the pockets with Zip. Mainly the thieves target smart phones. But the main point to remember is don’t forget it on restaurants, form filling offices etc.

My guestimate is that 60 percent of stolen smartphone were just lost, left in a restaurant. etc.

Having a bulge like that in an outside pocket makes me think it would be a prime target for slasher thieves. ??

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Yep, Ed and Andy must have rented a Delorean and took a trip. (Andy's comment to your post about contacting Jeroen is from 45 years ago also)

And the information is timeless.

Maybe global warming has corrupted the time zones.

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I had a latest smart phone and I have forgotten that on the table of restaurant. It was the worst mistake I have ever done. I usually carried my smart phone in my right hand. At restaurant after taking meal I went to washroom and when I came back I totally forgot the phone. You are right about how people usually carry their smart phones. I like your blog and as you both helps me a lot. Thanks.

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