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South America wrap up - Most Beautiful - Least Corrupt - Cheapest - Prettiest girls - Biggest party - Most Fun:

Hobo Travel Tips
By Andy the HoboTraveler.Com

ISSUE:  038
DATE:  July 13, 2001
TIP:  South America wrap up - Most Beautiful - Least Corrupt - Cheapest - Prettiest girls - Biggest party - Most Fun
LOCATION:  Belgium




I will get Guiana, French Guiana, and Suriname
when someone offers to sail me from Florida to
there, and visit all the island in the Caribbean.

Peru 1
Brazil 2
Ecuador 3
Colombia 4
Venezuela 5
Chile 6
Uruguay 7
Argentina 8
Paraguay 9
Bolivia 10

Brazil 1
Uruguay 2
Chile 3
Argentina 4
Colombia 5
Ecuador 6
Peru 7
Paraguay 8
Venezuela 9
Bolivia 10

Ecuador 1
Peru 2
Bolivia 3
Paraguay 4
Colombia 5
Chile 6
Brazil 7
Uruguay 8
Venezuela 9
Argentina 10

Colombia 1
Peru 2
Uruguay 3
Brazil 4
Argentina 5
Chile 6
Ecuador 7
Venezuela 8
Paraguay 9
Bolivia 10

Ecuador 1
Peru 2
Colombia 3
Brazil 4
Bolivia 5
Chile 6
Venezuela 7
Uruguay 8
Paraguay 9
Argentina 10

Ecuador 1
Peru 2
Brazil 3
Bolivia 4
Colombia 5
Chile 6
Paraguay 7
Venezuela 8
Argentina 9
Uruguay 10

TOTALS                      BEST COUNTRY
Peru 16
Ecuador 19
Brazil 21
Colombia 23
Chile 33
Uruguay 38
Bolivia 42
Venezuela 46
Argentina 46
Paraguay 46

Andy the hobo

Have fun! Life is Good!

As always, these are suggestions. Please realize I am
giving guidance, and there are always other opinions.
“One mans paradise, is another mans hell”
This way we do not all go to the same place.

Article written by Andy
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Madrid - Madrid - Spain

Venezuela is the worst nation i have visited before,girls sincerely are not so beautiful,more of them are very fat,they are not so simple and happy like Brazilian girls,comunication is not very good and Venezuela is very very violent ,sorry for my englis I am Spanish..

Larry Turner
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Baton Rouge - Louisiana - USA

Andy, in your South American Review post, concerning countries that are the most fun, most beautiful, most corrupt, most beautiful women, etc. are you using the #1 as the best, or using #10 as best in your rating system?

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hamburg - hamburg - german

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Hello, Here is a Travel Tip written by Andy of South America wrap up - Most Beautiful - Least Corrupt - Cheapest - Prettiest girls - Biggest party - Most Fun

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Andy Graham

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