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Andy Lee Graham has lived in 107 countries, outside the USA over 17 years. This Blog is the answer; to what do we do, after we stop working? What do we do, after University? What do we do after divorce? What did I do, after I stopped being an alcoholic? What did I do after I purchased 60 investment homes? What did I do after becoming a success? What do we do when we feel like our life is wasted? What do we do? We go travel the world. After wasting my life selling Real Estate for 14 years, I got a life, adventure, love, and now work less than 2 hours per day. Become a member of the Hobo Travel Community, and learn how to travel the world on less than 500-1000 Dollars per month in Tropical Countries. Members get immediate access to ask Andy, and 1000s of other travelers questions on the Travel Answers Wall,  Join other world travelers who live a life worth living, stop wasting your life, and join today. You are invited to travel the world with us, become a Hobo now. Join Now

Choose Your Battles With Each Glass Of Water You Drink - Water

2015, after drinking water in107 countries, for 17 years abroad, I now know that with each glass there is a battle being fought the body versus germs. | Read the Full Story

Highly Skilled Liars Are Created on Internet

Do you believe it? We can deny it, we we know the Internet in the last 20 years has created an epidemics of lars, a highly skilled generation of liars. | Read the Full Story

Damn You Bill Gates For Changing My 30 Year Daily Routine - About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

We do not like it when smart people prove we need to learn something from them, well today, I need to thank Bill Gate, and this was painful to admit. | Read the Full Story

Becoming Willing To Prove It Has Change My Life - About Andy Lee Graham

Our best friends trust us, and everyone needs proof we are trustworthy, we need to demonstrate, show them, give them proof by actions, not words. | Read the Full Story

Third World, Underdeveloped, Developing Nations, are Labels of Failure

There are 10 things great about all countries on the planet. Labels of Third World Underdeveloped Developing are labels of failure to avoid when astute. | Read the Full Story

Malaria Plasmodium Is Neither A Virus Nor A Bacterium It Is A Single Celled Parasite

The problematic confusion is doctors, researchers is they wish to say the malaria parasite is the same as bacteria, or virus, it is small animal. | Read the Full Story

Volunteer To Start Tax Exempt Corporation To Accept Donations For The Business Of Stopping Malaria

We are starting small subsidized businesses, using the economies of scale, modern tech, starting anti-malaria stores. we need a 501C started. | Read the Full Story

Push Pull Multi-Business Vertical Integrated with Same Product

Where contractors, sales, and people push, or pull at each other, where their benefit is not achieved without a push, or pull. | Read the Full Story

How to Interview Woodworkers in Togo West Africa?

The Togolese woodworkers make exceptionally beautiful beds, armors, tables, and chairs. I wish to find Togo workers who can do European, American quality. | Read the Full Story

How To Know What Is Going On In World With Least Amount Of Work - World News

World News is worst than Soap Operas, here is a simple way to monitor the essential world events, so you are aware of our world, but not too aware. | Read the Full Story

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