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17 Years of Non-Stop Travel Celebrated March 1 2015 By Andy Lee Graham

March 1, 2015, I, Andy Lee Graham celebrate 17 years of non-stop world travel. A person without a permanent address, and no forwarding address. | Read the Full Story

The Devil Is In The Details or Your Lack Of Details Makes You The Devil

The savvy traveler knows, that even our mothers, best friends, travel writers advice is not to be trusted, because the devil is in the details missing. | Read the Full Story

Throw Rocks At Stupid Boys

Throw rocks at stupid boys, that would be fun, but much better to ignore them until they ask the right questions --- What happened to the 5-6 W's? | Read the Full Story

Instagram Is There Any Data You Do Not Want?

Sandra from Germany, a girl I met in Panajachel, Guatemala was telling me I should join, here is the list of data they want to collect. | Read the Full Story

Today I Like Seth Godin Dr, Ivan Joseph And Mark Bowden

I want to celebrate, champion the like button, last week we put it on the Hobo Traveler site, and there is no DISLIKE BUTTON, which is a temptation. | Read the Full Story

When Stopping Perpetual Travel Become Illogical

When I stop moving, I gain weight, less exercise, fewer friends, and the cost of living is 5-100 times higher, it feels illogical to stop traveling. | Read the Full Story

Curious Enough To Live Outside The USA - Retirement Abroad

Expats often live abroad because of anger at the USA, as if they lost the love of their life. Curiosity about the outside world is a better reason. | Read the Full Story

We Are Just Monkeys Pretending To Be Humans - Introspective Life

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil --- We are just monkeys pretending to be humans, who say sensitive, feel good phrases to find lovers. (Get laid.) | Read the Full Story

Writing And Sobriety Is Constant Fear Ignored

We are all afraid, we can ignore each other, or we can ignore fear, make a choice to ignore fear, and life is good, or get drunk on your fears. | Read the Full Story

How to Really Friend Someone on Facebook, by Email, and

Smiley Faces are great, easy to ignore, and better than nothing. Here is a very simple way to show you really care, and not just making strange noises. | Read the Full Story

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