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I'm a Travel reporter, I've been on assignment abroad over 18 years, and on location in 107 countries. I'm the CNN of Travel Bloggers. I have the job every reporter dreams of, this is the "Ask Andy Show." on location today in...? Members of Hobo live in dream locations on less than 500-1000 dollars. Join now, and talk with Andy on location using the "Travelers Talk Wall." Click Here

"Anyone can travel, anywhere, just go slower when confused, but trying to support a house, a car, a tree, two cats, a dog, and every other life-long commitment we sign up for out of our own free will can stop us dead in our tracks. The less I buy, the more free I am to live."
-- Andy Lee Graham   Join Now   Mama Says, "Free Books for Children."

Faith In This Africa Boy Is Faith - About Andy The Hobotraveler.Com

Yesterday, I trusted a 16 year old Togo boy with 200 USD, it was a good day.

Je Jette Electric Bill For Renewable Solar Powered System - Solar Power Off Grid Minimalist Lifestyle

I feel we are angry, these monthly electric bills suck the energy right out of life but how do we throw away the benefits, it is is easier to go along.

What Does A Teak Tree Look Like?

What Does A Teak Tree Look Like? Here are photos and soon a video of teak trees in Togo, West Africa.

List Of Free Ebook Reader Apps For Smartphone Android Iphone Etc - Mama Says Free Books For World

Mama Says Free Books, and you need to download an App from Google Play Store, we recommend FBReader.

Video And Articles Where Books Change The Lives Of Africans

Mama Says is a communication tool that allows people to communicate with villages with no electricity and speaking an indigenous language.

How To Read Books With No Electricity - Mama Says Free Books For World

The lost art of reading books without electricity I can imagine Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson lying in bed, reading a book, only by candlelight.

Do You Get it? You Can YouTubed It :::: How We Can Learn Anything? - Mama Says Free Books For World

Sitting with my best friend Jeff in Fort Wayne at breakfast in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road he said, "I YouTubed it." It was a good day.

Why Give English Or French Books To People Who Speak A Local Indigenous Language - Mama Says Free Books For World

Giving English or French books to local people seems sort of stupid at first, but really we are planting seeds, something they need to do already.

Quick It Time To Burn The Books In Africa For Cooking

Enough is enough, it is time to burn the books in Africa, Central and South America, and all over the planet, books can be used in place of firewood.

Digital Libraries For Africa The Last Mile The 1.5 Billion With No Electricity - Mama Says Free Books For World

Mama Says delivers public health and educational messages to local people in their own language, attract with films, and every 5 minutes info-commercials.

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