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Andy Lee Graham has lived in 107 countries, outside the USA over 17 years. This Blog is the answer; to what do we do, after we stop working? What do we do, after University? What do we do after divorce? What did I do, after I stopped being an alcoholic? What did I do after I purchased 60 investment homes? What did I do after becoming a success? What do we do when we feel like our life is wasted? What do we do? We go travel the world. After wasting my life selling Real Estate for 14 years, I got a life, adventure, love, and now work less than 2 hours per day. Become a member of the Hobo Travel Community, and learn how to travel the world on less than 500-1000 Dollars per month in Tropical Countries. Members get immediate access to ask Andy, and 1000s of other travelers questions on the Travel Answers Wall,  Join other world travelers who live a life worth living, stop wasting your life, and join today. You are invited to travel the world with us, become a Hobo now. Join Now

How to Interview Woodworkers in Togo West Africa?

The Togolese woodworkers make exceptionally beautiful beds, armors, tables, and chairs. I wish to find Togo workers who can do European, American quality. | Read the Full Story

How To Know What Is Going On In World With Least Amount Of Work - World News

World News is worst than Soap Operas, here is a simple way to monitor the essential world events, so you are aware of our world, but not too aware. | Read the Full Story

I Despise NGO's Now I Find Myself Volunteering For Aid To Africa

As an American, living abroad for 17 years, in 107 countries, calling me a Volunteer, NGO, or even a Travel Writer is an insult, watch your tone of voice. | Read the Full Story

Jack Around Africa, The Fun Is To Jack Around People or Waste Their Time

You are on a website that defines behaviors of alcoholics, or wanna be alcoholics. We are explaining the dysfunctional behavior of jacking people around. | Read the Full Story

Questions To Separate Idiots From Geniuses - Happiness

The secret to happiness is find true genius, hang with them, and not suffer fools. Here are some initiail questions off the top of my head. HAVE FUN. | Read the Full Story

My 20 Years Of Wasted Life After University - Introspective Life

After Indiana University I went on to waste 20 years of my life working, trying to make a million, now I have a life worth living, and so can you. | Read the Full Story

Malcolm Gladwell Is The King Of Conversation Starters and Storytelling

Malcolm Gladwell is the King, he writes books everyone will be talking about for days, weeks, and month. When he tells a story, people stop to listen. | Read the Full Story

20 Pieces Of Travel Gear I Carry, And Maybe Nobody Else Does

20 Pieces Of Travel Gear I Carry And Maybe Nobody Else Does - Gear For Travel | Read the Full Story

I Drink The Water In 100 Countries And It Does Not Kill Me

When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras, which means look for the simplest, most common explanation first.. | Read the Full Story

Working Knowledge of a Language Defined

At what level of learning, can you say yo have a working knowledge of a language? This is one level of defining your fluency in a language. | Read the Full Story

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