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"Anyone can travel, anywhere, just go slower when confused, but trying to support a house, a car, a tree, two cats, a dog, and every other life-long commitment we sign up for out of our own free will can stop us dead in our tracks. The less I buy, the more free I am to live."
-- Andy Lee Graham

Hello new friends, I am Andy Lee Graham I could not live only in the USA anymore, I wanted a life less normal, so now I lived abroad over 18 plus years in 107 countries, This Blog is the answer to question, "How do I go about traveling the planet, and meet the people? Become a member of the Hobo Travel Community, and learn how to travel the world on less than 500-1000 Dollars per month, and make trips to any dream location. Members get immediate access to ask Andy, and 1000s of other travelers questions on the Travel Answers Wall, Join other world travelers who live a life worth living, stop wasting your life, and join today. You are invited to travel the world with us, become a Hobo now.

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Do You Get it? I Youtubed IT How We Can Learn Anything? - Mama Says Free Books For World

Sitting with my best friend Jeff in Fort Wayne at breakfast in the Sunrise Restaurant on Coldwater Road he said, "I YouTubed it." It was a good day.

Why Give English Or French Books To People Who Speak A Local Indigenous Language - Mama Says Free Books For World

Giving English or French books to local people seems sort of stupid at first, but really we are planting seeds, something they need to do already.

Quick It Time To Burn The Books In Africa For Cooking

Enough is enough, it is time to burn the books in Africa, Central and South America, and all over the planet, books can be used in place of firewood.

Digital Libraries For Africa The Last Mile The 1.5 Billion With No Electricity - Mama Says Free Books For World

Mama Says delivers public health and educational messages to local people in their own language, attract with films, and every 5 minutes info-commercials.

Americans Is Tired Of Tolerating

We have been tolerating crap so long in the USA, that it is normal, when some does not feed us BS, we think they are bad, this is sad.

Solar Water Distillation For Drinking Water Design By Andy Lee Graham

The design for a simple, cheap, solar water distillation system for drinking water that would be appropriate technology for developing countries.

Appropriate Technology Defined

Appropriate Technology for aid is easy to understand, tangible, and affordable, the locals will adopt it, and the technology will spread.

Amish Man Says The USA Is Too Far From The Farm

I enjoyed a conversation with a 70 year old Indiana Amish farmer who said, Americans need to do some hard work on the farm to build character.

The Follow Me Mentality Is Dumbing Down Young Minds

It is my opinion, that the Internet by power of suggestion, by like, and unlike has created a generation of youth who can only follow, not think.

Turmeric Superfood Videos By Andy Lee Graham

I would confirm that Turmeric is superfood or spice, this page is devoted to references to prove that statement, that Turmeric is superfood. Videos Wanted

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