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Learn Travel Tips on how to live on 500 Dollars per month in Tropical Countries. I am a chronicler of the real world, I left home 16 years and 90 countries countries. Subscribe by e-mail to follow the dream.

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2014 September 5 Enter Norway Leave The Usa - Where Is Andy Graham

I flew into Oslo, Norway September 5, 2014 with airlines. | Read the Full Story

Lessons Learned While Talking At Library - Introspective Life

I spoke at two local Indiana libraries, and after talking for an hour to an audience, I suspect the person who benefited the most was myself. | Read the Full Story

2014 August 7 Leave Ecuador Enter Orland Indiana - Where Is Andy Graham

I finished that grueling trip from Vilcabamba, Ecuador to my home town of Orland, Indiana, and I am grateful to be here, soon to Norway. | Read the Full Story

Do Expats Need To Stay Angry At USA To Live Abroad - Living Abroad

As a person who has lived abroad for over 16 plus years, it seems silly to be angry at the USA, it is just another country, with a lot of rules. | Read the Full Story

Plan A Trip To Southeast Europe - Plan Trip

You can stare at the map of southeastern Europe, and nothing is obvious, there is no well worn path for world travelers. | Read the Full Story

Americans Abroad Never Stop Talking About The USA - Expatriates

I always say, "There are worst things than being slapped by pretty women, the worst is being ignored." Indifference is the opposite of love, not hat | Read the Full Story

Rome2rio Com A Novel Cheap Airfare Bus Train Ticket Solution - Airline Tickets is the first new air fare search in years, the site flies to cheap airports, then tells costs of bus, or train to your final destination. | Read the Full Story

Air America 1990 Film

On June 26, 2014, I Andy Graham added Air America a 1990 film with Mel Gibson to the list of best travel movies. | Read the Full Story

2014 May 28 Entered Ecuador Left USA - Where Is Andy Graham?

On May 28, 2014 I entered Cuence, Ecuador after leaving Orland, Indiana. I flew out of Chicago ORD. Where Is Andy Graham? | Read the Full Story

Hot Homes Is A Root Cause Of Malaria House Designed Cheap And Stupid

Hot Homes Is A Root Cause Of Malaria House Designed Cheap And Stupid | Read the Full Story

Master Plan To Eliminate Eradicate Malaria In Kara Togo West Africa

Malaria is easy to eliminate and eradication if we learn from history, and the government, community and private sector work together. | Read the Full Story

Qualified Travel Resources

Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for qualified travel resources that savvy traveler use. | Read the Full Story

I Need More Idle Conversations With Germans And Less With Africans

My patience with Africa is ebbing, the level education, knowledge, and how to drive, walk and think are at the bottom, I need a German brain. | Read the Full Story

The Google Charlie Foxtrot 2014

I appreciate giving me a way to earn money to live for many years, but our friendship is over, I do my best to ignore Google. March 6, 2014 | Read the Full Story

A Hotel I Refuse To Tell Readers About

Travelers often keep good hotels secret, refusing to tell anyone online of their existence, finally I know of one hotel I refuse to share with people. | Read the Full Story

Internet Causes Headaches For Travelers

The myth that the Internet is all you need for travel is causing my friend Johnny here in Lome, Togo, and he is totally unaware of the problem. | Read the Full Story

Meeting Peace Corps Volunteers At Diallos Restaurant In Lome Togo

You can meet the people you want to meet living abroad, find the places where they eat and drink. In Africa white people stick out like sore thumbs. | Read the Full Story

Johnny Arrived in Lome and He Does Not Speak a Word of French

It is intriguing to watch an American, who does not speak French in Lome Togo. | Read the Full Story

My Friend Johnny Come to Togo, and the Visa on Arrival Helps

Togo grants a 7 day visa on arrival, and Americans can extend it for one year, it cost 30 dollars, and I have done this 4 times. February 2014 Andy Graham | Read the Full Story

Lome Togo a Great Hang Out With Horrible Hotels

I am again in Lome, Togo, one of my familiar haunts, a place I know as well as Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. February 2, 2015 Andy Graham. | Read the Full Story

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