Airline Tickets

How to buy Airline Tickets, what is the best strategies to get the cheap flights or cheap airline tickets?

Buying airline tickets is frustrating, the arlines wear you down with confusion, wanting to just give up and buy the air ticket. Making a game playing with the airlines will save you money. Andy Lee Graham Pro Traveler

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How to Save Money on Airline Tickets?

  1. Check airline prices daily at different with sites that search many engines, for example:
    I normally use Kayak, searching 3 days before, and 3 days after.

    But also am trying: No 2 is No 3 is
    for 10-30 days. Save: 25 Percent - 100 Percent Example, ticket is 1000 USD, you would pay 750

  2. Check the airline prices online every four hours for same destination - 25-50 percent savings.
    Save 25
  3. Learn what an Air Consolidator is, and try to buy airline tickets from them. A 10-50 percent savings, especially on long-haul airline tickets.
  4. Learn the most common route for plane travel.
  5. Call Joreon Andy in Bangkok and pay 105 USD for 3 hours of his advice, this will speed up they buying of planet tickets.
  6. Know you can travel to any destination on the planet one-way for approximately 750 U.S. Dollars, use this as a guide.
  7. Wear a hunting vest, put about 10 kilos of weight in the pockets, this will save on baggage fees.
  8. Learn what a Gate is or Hub

Short Trips in One Continent
- Need to understand that LCC Low Cost Carriers are not always listed in Travel Deal sites
- If the flight is less than one hour, maybe the bus is faster.

Long Haul Airline Flights
- Search for same flights on Kayak or every four hours, this allow the midnight release of tickets to occur.
- Search every day for one-month until an obvious value appears.
- Search all airports within a 3-5 state area.
- Constructed tickets can be cheaper, fly to England, stop for night, then take off for India

List of Airfare Sites used by Andy Lee Graham Regularly:

2,000 Dollar Round-trip Air Tickets to Anywhere in World

As a rule of thumb, paying over U.S. $2,000 for a round-trip plane ticket to any destination means you paid too much.

Air Ticket 361 Santo Domingo to Brussels, then BRU to Lome, 540 USD

Wow, Jeroen did it again! He saved me 200 USD by just calling him up. I found my best deal, I called him, and he saved me another 200 USD. Thanks, Jeroen.

Airline Tickets

How to buy Airline Tickets, what is the best strategies to get the cheap flights or cheap airline tickets?

Airlines Must Show Full Fares and Stop being Tricky Cheats on January 26, 2012 is screaming bloody murder, because their tricky marketing plans have been squashed by the government.

Bored in the BRU Airport

Are you bored in the BRU Airport? Sitting restless, waiting for your plane? There is a great cultural tourist attraction in the Level 2 supermarket.

Cheap Flights Checked for 5-10 Vacation Destinations Video

How to use to check 5-10 vacations destinations daily, then choose the cheap flights option, or cheapest flight for your vacations plans?

Experts Only Guess at Why I Am Flying to Dominican Republic

Experts are a dime a dozen. Can you guess why I fly Wednesday from from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic?

How to Arline or Hotel Search Excluding Tripadvisor Hotels Com Booking Com Travelocity Com Etc

I am fricking tired of getting only TripAdvisor,, here is a way too EXCLUDE THEM - Stop them from annoying up.

How To Check Airline Baggage Fees Before Buying

How To Check Airline Baggage Fees Before Buying - Travel Professionals write their opinions on how to avoid unexpected airline baggage fees.

How to Manage Your Frequent Flyer Miles: What's in Your AwardWallet?

Frequent Flyer Miles, AwardWallet, Loyalty Rewards, Programs, Airlines

Making a Fake Onward Ticket from Puerto Plato Dominican Republic to Miami Florida - Airline Tickets

One of the travelers rites of passage is to learn how to make a fake onward ticket, many airlines are in my opinion corrupt and this is needed.

Rome2rio Com A Novel Cheap Airfare Bus Train Ticket Solution - Airline Tickets is the first new air fare search in years, the site flies to cheap airports, then tells costs of bus, or train to your final destination.

Sign Up For Cheap Flight Alerts 1-2 Three Months Before and Airlines Will Send Bargains

I discovered leaving the cookies on the computer and continually searching made some bargain show up. is Too Tricky to be Trusted so is My Choice

I purchased a ticket for 335 USD with from Guatemala to Chicago, while maybe 100 dollars cheaper, was too risky.

Stop Checking Bags to Stop Paying Baggage Fees

You can avoid paying 25-30 USD luggage fees in the USA by NOT checking your bags, then forcing them to check them at the gate.


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Here is a site that explains consolidators

I think airlines are dropping cheap tickets on Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak. The consolidator I used in Chicago went out of business. have purchased some insanely cheap tickets by being willing to buy and leave 2 days later.

An interesting thing is that a lot of cheap tickets aren't making it to those sites. I went on Kayak and Skyscanner looking at flights from San Francisco to Paris and the cheapest was allmost $900 (RT), but Air France is only $750 from their site (I learned about it from It's the same for some other airlines... suddenly it's cheaper for some fares by going direct to the airline's site.

some airlines like Southwest do not allow those sites to get their prices. Some people love Southwest because sometimes they're the cheapest, there are no assigned seats, and no baggage fees, at least for the first bag

How does Google flights compare?

Google had the same flights as Skyscanner and Kayak. I spent a couple of days on all the main "cheap flight" sites without finding this one. Wow Airlines is the cheapest but you can only fly with 5kg of carry on and there is no meal. The Air France flight is better value. And there is a Delta Flight and a United flight that Kayak and the others didn't know about either. And I have in price alerts that don't know about those flights either. They all say Turkish Airlines $874 is the cheapest fare.

Hi Ed, You might want to check flights leaving OAK Oakland airport instead of SFO. I've always found them cheaper than from SFO. You may not get a direct flight though but going into and out of OAK is so much easier and more pleasant than the SFO labyrinth. For anyone not familiar with the Bay Area, they call it the San Francisco Airport buts its actually in South San Francisco on the Peninsula. Plus right at about SFO, traffic starts backing up on 101 Highway all the way into San Francisco which in my opinion is horrendous. With OAK one can avoid most of 880 which is equivalent to 101 by using the back roads thru San Leandro to get to the Oakland Airport. For someone dropping you off or picking you up its a breeze at QAK but not so at SFO. They remodel and reconfigure SFO so often that one is likely to get lost driving around at SFO.

Deb I usually check the box to search nearby airports as well. Yes, Oakland is an option and I haven't finished searching yet. So far, in terms of value, the SFO to CDG route looks best. It's about the same as one routed through Seattle, which adds hours to the flight.

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