Adventure Travel Defined: Learn Adventure by following the real stories by Andy Graham one of National Geographic Adventurers Top 10 Travel Bloggers.


This Page is to Define Adventure Travel:

Adventure Travel is when there is a real possibility you are killed, and normally by another human on the planet. It is not by accident, the person made a pre-meditated decision to travel into a dangerous location.

2011 February entered Cote d'Ivoire where a small war between Gbagbo and Alassane exist

IC is dangerous because Gbagbo continues to deny results of the presidential elections in which opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara was elected.


Adventure Travel Defined: Learn Adventure by following the real stories by Andy Graham one of National Geographic Adventurers Top 10 Travel Bloggers.

Adventure Test

Adventure Test, are you up for real adventure, do you have the mental, emotional and physical ability needed, here are some questions to test yourself.

Carry your Passport on your Person When in Dangerous Adventure Countries

Normally, it is not wise to carrry your passport with you, however in dangerous countries, the police and military are always checking your visa.

Cote d'Ivoire Election Increases Danger of Travel to Liberia In 2010 - Adventure

The 2010 Cote d'Ivoire Election has increased the danger of travel to Liberia, there is a risk of being involved in civil war.

Dangerous Countries do not Accept Credit Cards

You know you are going to a dangerous country when you feel a need to stockpile money in case the ATM, Traveler Checks and Credit Cards fail to work.

How to discover my covert location

The Adventure traveler may want to travel covertly, here is a way to accidentally blow your cover and allow the wrong people to find you.

Is the Violence Escalating in a Specific Region of Country

An adventure traveler can observe signs and identifiers of escalating violence in a specific country or region and avoid or change path.

It is Normal that People are Careless with Information in Dangerous Cote d'Ivoire

It may be the case, that extreme adventure travel into dangerous countries begins in a storm of confusion, misinformation is rampant and fear is normal.

No Heroes Wanted John Explains Lagos Nigeria And Danger Travel

John made a comment that explains how to enter a war zone, or how the goal is not to be heroe and survive.

USA Government Issues Cote d'Ivoire Travel Warning December 2010 - Adventure

Adventure - I received a travel waning today December 20, 2010, I am wanting to cross Cote d'Ivoire of Ivory Coast to enter Liberia, or maybe Guinea.



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