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Video of Mission Statement Andy Lee Graham 2012


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I think these youtube videos are great!

I'm a curious person as well yet I lack the courage to actually take the necessary steps to venture out. Hearing what you have experienced in different countries is so appealing because at least I can learn something about how it is there. Most Americans live in creature comfort and we believe we need them and so we go to work 8 hours a day (or more)to be able to hold on to the comforts we hold so dear.

When I hear you speak and talk about what you do, I can't help but wonder if we are focused on the wrong things. Because I worry about holding on so tightly to stuff, we are missing out on the wonderment of a more simple life.

God Bless your travels Andy!
Can't wait to meet you this year!
Mary Hayworth

I feel the priorities of Americans is way off, they are buyers of stuff 24 hours per day.

I am a traveler of many lands. I am currently hoboing in California. I recommend my fellow hobos check out It is a travelers aid as well a helping me get away when I am stuck in one place. My recommendation for an expat location is Nosara, Costa Rica. Sweet surf, chill bars, and great ice cream and people.

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