Video of Large Birds in Awasa Ethiopia

Video of Large Birds in Awasa Ethiopia
Walking down main road leading to the water in Awasa, Ethiopia I came up these large birds walking in the field next to me. These are amazingly large birds that were within 10-20 feet of me with a wingspread of up to 10-12 feet, truly a large bird.

Maybe a flamingo, maybe a stork, maybe some exotic name, I am sure one of my readers can identify correctly this large Ethiopia bird.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Sunday, March 15, 2009
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This bird rather startled me, I was walking along looking at the ground, I look over to my right and this huge bird is very close.

Trying to show you the size by taking a photo of the Donkey Cart or Gari so you can compare the size.

The birds appear to be making nest in the top of the trees, this is not in the wilderness, and this is on a main city road of Awasa, Ethiopia.

I counted at least 15 of these birds in one tree.

It is always nice to see large animals; this is a good sign about a country. The locals normally will shoot and eat most animals, if there are large animals around; I normally believe there is also plenty of food.

India is a great place to see animals because they are vegetarians and they do not eat all the animals.


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Video of Large Birds in Awasa Ethiopia


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Hard for me to resist a challenge.

From my search, looks like they are Marabou Storks.


Looks like a Marabou Stork to me.


They look like travel vultures. Probable like white meat since they camp out near town ? Sort of like Democrats ?

Yeap, Marabou Stork but they are carnivores & all over the East Africa.

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