Video of Ethiopia Avocado and Incense

Video of Ethiopia Avocado and Incense
I live in a world where I never really know what I am doing, I never know the what, when, where, why and how of my world. I was in the Ruut Kaffee; I guess the name is really “Kaaffee Ruuti.” Ok, I keep thinking Root Café, because the only way the Gari Horse Taxis will take me there is if I say “Root Café.”

The sign showing the English used in Mojo, Ethiopia

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Travel Journal

I call this girls “Miss Ethiopia,” this girl is incredibly beautiful, has a name I can not pronounced and normally does not say two words to me. Then again, she does not speak two words of English and I do not speak two words of Amharic.

Avocado and Papaya Drink in Mojo, Ethiopia at a Coffee Shop.

Ruuti made me a pure Avocado drink, I added some lemon to it and another red colored flavor and it was great. I think this cost about 60 cents US or six Birr.

The burn small piece of wood creates a lot of smoke to be enjoyed by the Ethiopia people.


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Video of Ethiopia Avocado and Incense


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Coctails look very tasty ;)


I have two Ethiopian daughters, and we are really wanting to make this drink. The 19 yr old wants to know what the red sauce is. Was the papaya mixed with sugar???

Thank you!!!!

its some sugar liquor the english make.

Hey this looks really good, anybody knows how they make it, and what the brown part is? coffee?


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