RSS Feeds is Being Removed

RSS Feeds is Being Removed

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Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Monday, March 09, 2009
Travel Journal

I apologize to readers who read my daily Travel Journal by using the RSS feed.

My goal is to have 40,000 daily readers of the Travel Journal, the RSS feed is in direct conflict with the achievement of this goal.

I do not expect you to understand. However, please have trust that I am doing this so that can continue to thrive as a business. As a business owner, I must do what is best for the company. I must continue to make enough money to travel, two dedicated servers, Boy Genius in India and other workers. It is my responsibility to make choices to guide the site into the future.

RSS Feeds is Being Removed


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Hey Andy are you referring to the RSS through Feedburner?

I use the RSS from the Web, although I get the feed into my Mail program on the Mac which is not through feedburner.

I highly doubt you will be able to disable that feature. I will let you know if the feed stops.

Andy I don't use email newsletters anymore, I unsubscribed most of them, I use email only for contacting friends and family something I think it is best designed for. RSS is the *best* way of getting notified that new content is available for your site. Can I strongly suggest you leave the RSS feed enabled but just put the title of the posts in not the content. If you do that you get the best of both worlds, people get notified when the site is updated and will visit the site if they like the sound of the post. I'd strongly suggest you'll get more traffic doing it like this than removing the feed all together.

Hey you did disable it, great job done. Well, I will stop by once in a while, I don't like blogs post coming though my e-mails.

Happy trails

You are crazy - readers like me will instead just read other blogs. In fact, you shouldn't even call it a blog anymore - it's now an email newsletter.

You have competition, and ignoring how new technology should be used is closed-minded. Stating that RSS is a technology devised to take good money from nice people indicates that you don't fully understand how to monetize your web site - and are stuck in 5-8 year old thinking.

These kinds of decisions are the same as what the studios and record labels do. Instead - understand, embrace, and extend.

Andy just go to settings on blogger then to webpage feed and choose short preview. I bet u know this but i think by removing it completely you will loose alot of readers.

I don't see why you would turn readers away when your goal is to increase the number of readers.

I've used RSS to follow your blog for about a year now. What will happen now, is that I'll visit your site maybe once a month until I forget about it. When I visit, I will probably only read one or two pages of posts. I won't be subscribing to the email notifications. They will get lost amongst more important email and I can't read them in the same place where the rest of the travel sites I follow.


I am sorry you decided to disable the feed for your site. Sadly, this leaves me with no manageable way to keep track of your site. e-Mail notifications will just get lost in my already swamped inbox.

I wish you the best of luck, but with much regret I will no longer be following your site...

Best of luck in your travels.

Andy, would it be possible for you to syndicate only the title of your posts or the first 50 words? I read many sites that do this, so I assume it's fairly easy to implement.

That way, I can still see when you update conveniently, but will have to go to your site to read the whole post. I wonder if this would enable us all to have our cakes and eat them?

I am sorry to annoy you, I am 95 percent sure this will increase the number of readres. I do not think it will increase comments, it will probably reduce them.

There are two major types of readers.

Techie, computer saavy readers who enjoy trying to monitor, however fail to truly read.

The curious reader who focuses, is patient, considers the pros and cons of issues. These people read by email.

I think the email reader subscribes to National Geographic and reads books.

There is the Global market and there is the USA market. I am now going after the world.

NOTE, for what is worth, I cannot even read RSS feed here in Africa, it would cost me 10 dollars per day to read them. I used to subscribe, but it is broken.

"Techie, computer saavy readers who enjoy trying to monitor, however fail to truly read."

I just can't understand this. Almost all bloggers (and their readers) I know are very well read, and truly understand how research is done. They just want to be able to do it with newer tools - which your site could easily provide if, I think, you got better advice on how to monetize.

It may be true that other markets outside of so-called first world countries are not "RSS ready" - but keep in mind that many advertisers using Google Adwords target based on region. Not sure how many of these markets are targeted by advertisers? The online ad market is actually shrinking at the moment.

Research concepts such as "freemium" - relying solely on advertising revenue through google adwords may not be sustainable in a year or so.

I still don't really see why you cannot offer both 'snippet' RSS and email. I for one will not sign up to emails of your blog because you update your blog too often. I don't want 1-4 extra emails a day on top of the multitude I already get, and I don't think that's what email is for. I use email when I want to communicate with people 2-ways.

Maybe fellow travellers will want to recieve it via email instead, but how many are there in the world? You have to see that most of your readers are not on the road, we are people in normal lives with normal jobs etc. and I think you risk alienating them/us, because we tend to use our emails for work or talking to friends, not to get news or articles, and I'm not sure the rest of the world wants 1-4 emails a day either, as it's slow and takes up inbox space very quickly.

I'm not saying I'm going to stop reading your blog, I enjoy it too much, but I am 99% sure this will make me read it far less often, because it becomes something difficult to do that I will not remember all the time. Having your name go red in the corner of my browser when you update is far more convenient, and I don't really see why you can't continue to do that using the snippet or title feed method that I and others have suggested.

Ultimately, you do not have to explain your buisness decisions to us (your customers). But it might help.

The problem is this Ash.

People save an RSS feed.
People save a Bookmark.

They believe they are going to read them and they do not. With the RSS feed gone, the only way to test read the Blog is to subscribe. The goal is to get daily readers such as you.

Ash, I know you read the blog by RSS feed, and you was the first person I thought of when I made this decision.

People survey the titles.
They make a choice to read.

This happens both by email and by RSS feed.

Ash, the best readers to make money from are the ones from 35-80 who will read about my Blog in the Press Release I am starting to do as of tomorrow.

I needed to get rid of the RSS feed, whereby I will not confuse them.

RSS feeds made sense to me when the first started. However, I have 11,000 readers to the newsletter and the Blog just sits, the growth rate is nuts compared to the Newsletter.

Money is made by what people read, not by what they intend to read.

Thanks for explaining more Andy, I appreciate it. I guess I'm assuming the whole world is like me and actually reads things that come up in their RSS. I tend to read almost every post you write, although there are periods when I am either too busy or you are in an area I find less interesting to me personally.

Is your email newsletter like your old one, weekly/monthly, or is it like a feed of the blog? because if it's weekly/monthly I will sign up for it no problem, I just can't deal with stuff coming in everyday. (I know it probably sounds weird, but I find my emails hard to manage at the moment.)

I agree with Ash. Now that your articles no longer pop up for me on my home page (which reads RSS feeds of my favorite sites), I will read less articles.

Also, all successful bloggers that I know of offer RSS.

Hmmm, I do not get it. I signed up for the email subscription a few days ago, but there's no ads in the emails, so I don't see the revenue potential from the emails?

I previously used a feed viewer for Google Chrome browser ( to view all headlines of the feed in the browser. I would then click from there into the permalinks of each post, and was able to see all the comments in addition to the post. And the ads!

With the emails, there's no ads, and no comments to be seen. I miss the comments.

Andy, I'm sorry that it has come to you cutting off the RSS feeds. That's pretty drastic but hey, it's your right absolutely.

I can't help agreeing with Rob that there must be a way to have both RSS feeds with snippits (requiring the reader to click through to your site) and email newletters for those who want it that way.

I have your blog bookmarked in favorites and visit it daily to read your very enjoyable musings.

If you're really concerned about traffic, just post a snippet RSS feed. Then your RSS readers come read the rest.

I have too many subscriptions to even think about email or, ugh, manually visiting. So, I guess it was nice knowing you. Happy travels!

Cant say I agree with your decision. I have your RSS feed on my Google home page, along with many other travel sites. If I see something I like I click, and I used to come by about once a week.

So as per your request, Ill remove your blog from my home page. And maybe Ill come back in a year to see how youre doing. Best of luck.

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