Road to Mojo, Ethiopia

Road to Mojo, Ethiopia
The trip to Mojo, Ethiopia was uneventful for me, however I suspect for the first time African traveler it would be outlandish. I left the Wanza Hotel in Addis, Ababa and took a 30 Burr Taxi to the “Le Gare” or Mojo Bus stop, whereby I took a 12 Burr mid-range bus to Mojo, Ethiopia. The road was full of construction leaving the city and a two-lane asphalt highway after we cleared the construction.

The road follows along the path of a train track; however, I never saw any trains on the railroad.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Travel Journal

Inside the mid-range size bus, they did not over-crowd this bus; however, they made me sit in front excessively close to the loud music being played.

My first impression of this 40 Mile stretch of Ethiopia was of Trucks, and more Trucks, and a few more Trucks. It was like driving into an industrial park, and then along the road I sometime smelled wet or fresh concrete because there on the whole stretch is was rare to not be able to look over and see large building being built.

I believe South of Addis Ababa all the way to Mojo is more or less becoming a huge industrial area with many type of business ventures.

The obvious ones already in operation were:

Leather Tanneries
Large Green Houses
A few Chinese Signs on Building

Strangely, at about 11:00 am in the morning on a Wednesday I did not see anyone working on the new construction. It become very hot and gravel feeling as you leave Addis Ababa, not many crops growing, however a lot of Cattle, Goats, Horses and Donkeys.

I asked for Chicken last night in the Rutti Kaffee and they told me there was no Chicken, I have not seen a Chicken as best I can remember.


Road to Mojo, Ethiopia


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I seem to notice in the pictures that you are taking of the locals that they don't seem to be smiling at you. Does not look like a friendly place for a white male? Do you feel threatened in this travel area?

Hey Andy,

What is your "technique" for taking this type of photograph. Do you just walk up to the front of the bus and snap a picture of everybody? How often do people get mad? Do you ask to take the picture? I have had several people from other counties yell at me for snapping their photo, I was just wondering how you make it happen so well and so often.



Taking this photo

I did it quick, I do not set up.

I do not ask

I do not at apologetic as if they had a right to object.

These people are in the back of a noisy bus with a lot of dust, the majority were trying to figure out what I am doing, they could not think fast enough to smile.

This place is very safe and very friendly, a lot safer than West Africa.

Hey I am glad you feel safe, that is my birth place
And the people you saw dont mind how many pic
You take they just mind their own business
Thinking, and tired of the trip and life.

I assure you they dont hurt people, like I said
They are one of the many Ethiopians hard working
people, they just can not wait to get their destination, may be tiered from the weather.

thanks for Visiting Ethiopia

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