Pay Toilets on Airplanes

Pay Toilets on Airplanes calls for Boycott of

Jeroen my travel agent in Bangkok sent me an email.

Subject Line: Didn't I predict this a year ago????
Yes it is gonna happen, I predicted this a year ago.

Ryan air is the first airline that is gonna start to charge for lavatory use. 1 pound.

Probably pre-paid on-line only. If you didn't pre-pay when you booked the ticket, you will get fined and pay 20 pounds on-board when you get a sudden unplanned urge for using the toilet.

What is happening to the world of aviation!!!!!

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Saturday, March 7, 2009
Travel Journal

Some people and companies have no class.

I am cheap; I am the King of Cheap Travel. However, I refuse to travel on for any amount of savings; it is truly a blood sucking leach of a company.

They make money by being tricky, by using the fine print; they are using bait and switch tactics, deceptive and dishonest, morally corrupt business.

There is nothing transparent and honest about this company, they make a living by taking advantage of loopholes in our understanding.

We expect to use a toilet free, and then learn we have to pay. This is not ethical, it is not responsible travel, it is a morally and ethically bankrupt system.

Pay Toilets on Airplanes


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There are going to be A LOT of urine stained seats on Ryan Air.

Are Air Sickness bags still free? Maybe we can use those to pee etc. in and just hand them to the stewardess.

Bob L

I heard about this and it doesn't surprise me I have to say. With these budget airlines, they are going to have to make their money up somehow. I always check the main airlines, and sometimes if you book ahead enough, they may only be £20 or £30 more, which is worth paying just not to give your money to scam airlines like these.

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