Must See Obama Cartoon

Must See Obama Cartoon

Here is a funny animated GIF political cartoon of Obama, Biden, Clinton and some other woman. I do not know about the economic recovery package of 2009.

Mojo, Ethiopia

One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa

Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Must See Obama Cartoon


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Good to see that u.s. remain deeply divided amongst itself. meet new boss same old boss. no wonder u.s. has become such miserable failure. china has stimulus program equal 15%gdp no chinese complain. u.s. stimulus 5% gdp americans go crazy. china rise america fall.

It was joke, fun stuff.

15 Percent is incredibly dangerous and 5 percent is crazy high.

Hyper-inflation happens when a government spends 20-30 percent of the GDP.

Hyper-inflation like Zimbawe is the danger... you truly need to do some research.

Spending is always something a person wants who does not make any money...

Andy, Hyperinflation is the result of printing excessive money instead of raising taxes. The actual level of spending will not create hyperinflation as long as the spending is paid for with tax increases rather than undisciliplined money creation. (this is not to comment on the worthiness of stimulus spending)

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