Gebrekiristos Hotel Awasa Ethiopia

Gebrekiristos Hotel Awasa Ethiopia
Here is a video of the seven dollar and fifty cent Hotel where I am presently living in Awasa, Ethiopia. I have been thinking about his for months, maybe years, I think a video is the only way to prove to some of you I do not live in flophouses. Yes, there are time when I have no choice, I must live in a dump for a day or two, however, the majority of time I live in great Hotels. When I live in Europe, I live in Flophouse Hostels.

There is something about the human brain that has trouble with balance. When I say to a person I am living in a seven U.S. Dollars Hotel, they instantly think Slumdog. (I watched this movie last night…) Our first impression, our first mental image of a person is imprinted on the brain and creates a stereotype that is almost impossible to change.

Well, here is a videos of the Gebrekiristos Hotel in Awasa Ethiopia, a Hotel that would be easy to recommend this Hotel to my parents.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
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This is a typical room in the Gebrekiristos Hotel in Awasa Ethiopia

There are some flowers on the tree outside this particular room.

This Hotel is in the Lonely Planet and is great if you understand how to use the Bajaj Tuk Tuk Taxis. The Hotel is about a one half kilometer walk from the main section of the city. However, after you learn you can take the collective Tuk Tuk Taxis for 1 Birr or 10 cents U.S. per trip it become an easy Hotel to enjoy.


It cost 2-8 US Dollars in the Internet café for me to upload one video in Africa. I can make videos daily… If you enjoy the videos, I would appreciate your Donations, Thank You

I started the videos today about five time each, they would be about one-half finished and the electricity or internet would break, then I must start over. The speed is slower than a dial-up connection.

Sorry, if there is no video here, then you need click on the link here to read the online version of the Travelogue. The videos cannot be seen in an email. Click Here Travelogue


Gebrekiristos Hotel Awasa Ethiopia


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do you have a telephone number for the Gebre Kristos hotel?

I get very nice hotel .I wish to come one day,

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