Addis Ababa to Debre Zeyit Mojo Nazret

Addis Ababa to Debre Zeyit Mojo Nazret
I am planning to leave Addis, Ababa Wednesday morning March 4th and travel to one of the these three cities.

Debre Zeyit

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
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I would prefer to go to Mojo; however, it is possible it is just an intersection and not a proper village. I am hoping the buses are the hop on, hop off style and not too serious. I suspect there are mall vans that travel between these cities.

Nonetheless, the reason for small trip is to learn about transportation, banks, and internet, plus go to a lower altitude to wash my long pants while wearing my shorts, it is cold in Addis Ababa at night.

It is about 350 miles as the crow flies from Addis Ababa to the border or Kenya. If I do a 50 mile hops I would get there in about 7 days, then if I stayed in each city for two day the whole trip would another 14 days.

7 Days of travel
14 days of living
22 days of travel time between Addis Ababa and the border of Kenya.

If you know me, this means nothing, it could be five times longer or even shorter, and I truly do not care. I am just planning my normal jostle down the road travel method. This type of travel makes life fun and easy, no long trips, no long trips of misery, just small little hops between various cultures of Ethiopia.

The country of Ethiopia is big, about 78 million people and the roads lead in a few directions, I am planning to travel from Egypt to Ethiopia in the future so I will leave the top portion of this country for a later date.

There is also a theory of travel where a person would shoot on through the countries very fast and return later to enjoy the place of enjoyment. This is the problem when the guidebook writer have cars, they can make many short trips back and forth, they truly do not have to travel linear, it skews their explanations.

Addis Ababa to Debre Zeyit Mojo Nazret


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From satellite imagery the largest of the three cities by far looks to be Nazret (Adama?).

Mojo's population is reported to be around 40,000. Debre Zeyit is somewhere between the two in size.

Looking forward to your reports as you hobo hop southward.


Just wanted to say that i really enjoy how often you post, a blog is good when you can read someting new each day, like yours, its great!

I have been to Addis, Debrezeyit and Nazareth

Addis and Nazareth are big modern cities, with modern hotels and recreation places

Debrezeyit and modjo by far smaller cities

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