100 Percent Success Rate Travel Tip

100 Percent Success Rate Travel Tip
Please look at the photo of the beautiful Ethiopia girl below and try to use common sense.

If you travel the world, you are going to read and hear opinions on how some countries are difficult. What is difficult is to separate the good advice from the bad advice. People want to brag about their great adventure and the how they made some stupid accomplishment.

Look at this photo!

There is about a 100 percent success rate for travelers. Only an infinitesimal percentage of travelers do not make it to their destination. The only reason a person has for not traveling is money, if you have enough money you can travel anywhere in comfort.

So far, Ethiopia has been one of the easier places on the planet to travel.

1. Many people speak English.
2. They have buses.
3. The rooms are cheap.
4. The people are friendly and passive.

I am paying 3 to 8 dollars per night for a room here in Ethiopia.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Saturday, March 7, 2009
Travel Journal

There was this annoyingly old 80-year-old German woman in Addis Ababa who wanted to show me her photos of Southern Ethiopia. She paid 125 Dollars per day to take an Air Conditioned SUV with an English-speaking driver from Addis Ababa to the south of Ethiopia.

Please keep travel in perspective, do not glamorize or fantasize the difficulties of travel.

What do I want to do today in Mojo, Ethiopia?

A flyswatter, there are too many flies in my room. It is not too hot, it is not too noisy, and it is not uncomfortable. Somehow, about three flies have entered my room and they need to be killed.

I am in the Syprus or Cyprus Hotel here in Mojo, Ethiopia; I am walking up and down a dusty road. Walking over to the Ruut Kaffee Shop and joking with the workers in English.

Please take great care when you read about other countries, life is good. In about thirty minutes, I am going to walk down to the same coffee shop where I took this photo. I will watch BBC News in English and hopefully enjoy my day, do not buy into the noise you read and hear.

100 Percent Success Rate Travel Tip


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Although I agree mostly with what (I think) you're saying, I do have two questions:

1. What does the picture of the girl have to do with anything? I don't understand how that's a "travel tip." When her pictures are next to the repeated comments of "100% success rate" it makes it sound like you're referring to a sex industry.

2. Don't most people want to do more than swat flies and sit at a coffee-shop and watch television when they travel? Speaking as someone who's done quite a bit of traveling (in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, though never Africa) - when I travel, I don't want to pay for plane fare, live out of a suitcase or backpack for a few weeks or months, and find lodgings and food just so I can... do the exact same things in a foreign country that I do at home!

I want to experience the unique things that culture has to offer, to do and see things that I don't have the opportunity to do or see in my own city/country. Surely there's more to be experienced in Ethiopia than just BBC and coffeeshops?

When you say "people want to brag about their great adventure and the how they made some stupid accomplishment" [sic] - I think I understand what you mean, and yes, you certainly have a point. I know people who would travel to Paris, take a picture of themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower, and go home satisfied without ever going any further. That's pretty shallow and unsatisfying, I think; focusing on the tourist attractions or just going to a place so you can check it off of a mental list - "Yep, did that" - doesn't seem very appealing to me. But, at the same time, traveling halfway around the world so that I could... watch English-language television? Wow. No.

Out of curiosity, where are you from originally? (I haven't browsed too far into the blog yet.)

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