When to Worry About Lice Travel Tip

When to Worry About Lice Travel Tip
Head lice make me nervous, even thought I know the cure is rather simple; I still have no desire to get lice. I was walking through the Pucallpa, Peru market the other day and spotted this comb.

Pucallpa, Peru
Friday, February 6, 2009
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When you see this comb being sold, it is time worry about lice.

This is a lice comb; the distance between the blades is small to allow a person to comb out the lice.

People sell needed products; these are small identifiers that help you understand when to take more care.


When to Worry About Lice Travel Tip


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If you find one of these combs in your latest lovelies medical cabinet make a early departure.

Thanks Chuck,
Always the best in Rogue comments from you Chuck. There is always a need for a different perspective.

Good tip. Im a big fan of you

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