Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow

Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow
A public relations person for Verizon contacted me a month ago asking if I would like to test the Verizon Blackberry Storm. This type of product is the future, I would love to learn about it and appreciate this offer, however I am not sure it is feasible for a true global traveler.

Orland, Indiana USA
Thursday, February 10, 2009
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I claimed ignorance, I have only seen maybe five of these Blackberry devices in my life. Product knowledge is learned in two ways, first by company advertisements and second by referrals, since I do not live in the USA I know very little about the Blackberry.

I have an appointment Friday at 11:00 am to talk with a man by the name of Jason in Fort Wayne, Indiana to demonstrate and explain the benefits of this electronic device. They are offering to allow me to carry one for a few months, then I must send it back by prepaid Federal Express pack. I am going to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and other countries in this region of Africa.

I would like some reader questions and feedback, is this Verizon Blackberry Storm going to work for me?

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Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow


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From my experience, the Storm has a lot of bugs. Most people I know returned it and got the Bold or a Curve - both excellent phones. The Bold is probably the best smartphone available.

I notice that more and more people surf my web with a Blackberry, so I used a free service to convert my blog into a mobile friendly one, you should do the same, it is a lot of fun to surf the web from a mobile device :)

So I haven't read your blog for a while....but I see that you are in the good ol' USA again....maybe you should come visit me in New York since we are in the same country at the same time again.... and there are more fun students here that you could mess with...haha...
hope all is well,

I have a couple of friends in South America who are blogging exclusively from their Blackberry. I thought about looking into them if I could connect my computer to the internet through it without it costing too much.

Glad they are letting you test it, as taking it to East Africa with you will test its capabilities.

Wade in Turkey

Why not? You got something better to do?

Shit Yes Abroni!

- hotspringfreak

The Nokia e71 is the best smartphone on the market right now for your purposes. ($340 from Newegg). Good keyboard, stable webbrowser, good battery life, good antenna (as long as you don't block it with your hand). But if they are letting you use the Storm for free, why not?

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