Sciatic Nerve Injection

Sciatic Nerve Injection
The Doctors / Pharmacist took me in the back room in Pucallpa, Peru and gave me an injection, he wanted me to have one per day for three days. He gave the first two and I gave myself the last one.

The Doctor cost nothing, the medicine cost 69 Soles, contrary to anything you believe, more medicine is practiced in Pharmacies around the planet than in Doctors offices. This is an excellent system as 95 percent of medical problems are common, there is no reason to pay a fortune for small problems.

I am not sure a sciatic nerve problem is simple, however, it is more painful than serious. I am always annoyed with Doctors and pain, they always seem to want to stop the pain, and do not focus on solving the problem. He said this was to drop the inflammation, I suppose it felt good for three days.

Lima, Peru
Thursday, February 12, 2009
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Three capsule of medicine in an pharmacy office in Pucallpa, Peru.

Not too much light in the back office area of a Pucallpa, Pharmacy.


Sciatic Nerve Injection


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You can treat it yourself by relaxing your Paraformis muscle. (wrong spelling). I have relieved a lot of Sciatica on people through trigger point release massage.

A person can use a tennis ball on the floor once you locate the muscle, although it is that muscle that is inflamed that is pinching the nerve.

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Oops, my message had nothing to do with sciatic, it was about magic jack. But, my husband has sufferred terribly with sciatic, so I saved that message from you, and that's where I responded from...sorry. RR

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