Orange Peeler Video in Peru

Orange Peeler Video in Peru
Here is a video of a man using a small machine that peels oranges quickly. It is enjoyable to watch simplicity in action.

Lima, Peru
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
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This photo was taken in Pullapa, Peru near the main market.

Video Below

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Video Above

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Orange Peeler Video in Peru


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We used a similar machine to peal apples in my home ec class in Western NY.

The orange peeler is one skilled guy! Reminds me of the green mango seller in Boracay. With a knife in her left hand, and the green mango in her right hand, a few twists of the mango and its peeled from top to bottom! Incredible! And you're right. It is a joy to watch such simple motions up close. You won't find similar joy in watching your kitchen peeler.

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