Obama is a Black USA President

Obama is a Black USA President
I am truly going to enjoy the next four to eight years of having President Obama for a President. The world new reporters are going to take the idiocy of being politically correct to even higher levels of insanity. This is like watching a reality show, however, this time instead of being faked, it real.

I am impressed with Obama, he appears to be genius in his ability to explain bad news and make people feel good. I truly enjoyed his announcement of spending three quarters of a trillion dollars, it was like he was doing us a favor, and everyone was happy.

Like someone coming up and saying,
“Your wife is dead.’
You say,
“Yes, thank you, I know, it is not a problem.”

Orland, Indiana USA
Thursday, February 19, 2009
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Heaven is Where:
The Police are British,
The Chefs are Italian,
The Mechanics are German,
The Lovers are French
It's all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is Where:
The Police are German,
The Chefs are British,
The Mechanics are French,
The Lovers are Swiss
It's all organized by the Italians.

Where doe Obama fit into this?

I always consider this statement one of the most intellectually astute explanations of culture I have ever read. These types of around the barn explanations of people are going to thrive in the next few years, I am sure Obama is up for the game, he is genius with words.

He just sent 17,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan and everyone is happy, this is just too cool.


Obama is a Black USA President


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Wow I was wondering when you would finally speak of your new president - the tone of your comments does not surprise me given your obvious political slant. Obama inherited a mess created by a group of white males who for years scamed their fellow citizens and got away with it because they were friends with those in power, actually had helped put them in power. At this point Obabma has no choice but to spend, spend, spend, because if he doesn"t those who wish him failure will somehow blame him for the downturn in the American economy - he is brave because if the spending doesn't work he will have to bare the consequences - It saddens me that you mock his integrity suggesting that all he has is good speaking skills - he got to where he is because he has worked hard, he wasn't hand picked because of his family connections, he has no vested interests except, I believe, to bring about changes which will allow a more equitable distribution of the resources of your country - given the time you have spent in countries where a small percentage of people control a huge amount of wealth whilst there is famine, disease, rape and pileage, I should think that you should be proud that it is possible to become President of the United States in a honourable way

Not only are *all* those statements RACIST, please know that Obama is ARAB AND WHITE, not Black. He is 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arab, then 6.25% Negro.

You are hoping for "new hights in Political Correctness", yet you do the opposite in offending those countries you joked about. Please make up your mind.

I think "Heaven" will be where the RAPPERS have to watch how they put down Whites, as well as what laws we have now.

And no, I'm not White - I'm 6.25% Cherokee. That means I'm INDIAN.





Exactly, I love when reader prove my point.

I believe Obama is doing a great job, however they "are going to take the idiocy of being politically correct to even higher levels of insanity" when people speak about him.

I said something, the PC police go into full attack, exactly as I planned.

Is it a goal in itself not to be politically correct? hehe.

I made a title that said, "Obama is a Black President."

Earlier in the day, Michelle his wife was on TV saying to a group of children he was the first Black President. I just repeated what she said, however knowing that I am a white person puts people into a tizzy, they get angry and the PC police go into attack mode.

I made this post for illustration, I am just saying this year is going to be fun with the news reporters. They are taking incredible care in wording questions, two thirds of reporters are black to solve the problem. A black person can ask a black person a difficult question without the PC police going on the attack.

I enjoy the insane nature of people, I am the least prejudice person around. I am going to Africa right now, for 99 percent of my readers the continent of Africa is not even a consideration, it is only Europe. I love Africa and truly despise Europe, to me this is cultural, but to them it is often race. They want to show love for only their culture.

Obama is doing a great job, I have no problem with him and presently think he is going to be great President. However, because I am a white man, the world is going to scrutinize every comment I make to insane levels, nobody cares about my intentions. They will shoot first and think second. however I love to bait people, it elicit their true soul to come forth. There are some really angry people who make comments... hehehe, they need to get a life.

I am enjoying listening to reporters trying to ask questions of Obama. The percentage of Black reporters I feel has doubled so the news organizations can try to stay out of race card problems.

This is the study of cultures, this is the fun of learning about cultures, this is one of the primary reasons I travel. I love to see how we communicate with other cultures. The words "Black President" are used daily by the press, I did not say anything special, just what many consider a fact.

Michelle, the wife of Obama is going to get herself in big doo doo because she is not as smart as Obama. She is going to say what many people will consider reverse racism again whites.

What I care about is actions, this is why it is humorous also, Obama is doing about the same as McCain would have done, not much has change. What has changed is the way the reporters walk on egg shells to not offend anyone.

Truly this is fun stuff, Obama is elected and the people are supporting him, this is good.

I am not offended when a person calls me racist, it is like calling me a chair. I am not a chair, so I do not get offended. I do enjoy writing, it is a way to elicit emotions.

In with the new boss, same as the old boss.

Glad you wrote this post, very funny. The only thing that REALLY bothers me about BHO is not him, but the fact that one party now completely controls the upper levels of Government. Like kids going off to college, and binge drinking or whatever due to no parental supervision.

A black man at my work said something I thought was funny, but I think he got it from someone else (TV?). He said that BHO was our first Half Honkey president. Hmmm, doesn't seem so funny in print. Guess you had to be there.

Bob L

Regarding the joke "Hell is where the Police are German", it just goes to show how wrong stereotypes can be.
German Police are the BEST in the world!
Because they are all terrified of appearing in any way like the Nazi Gestapo.
What's my evidence? As a New Zealander I have done Greenpeace non-violent environmental protests, including arrest time, in NZ, Australia, Britain, Belgium, Sweden, and France. Never in the States because the Police there regard Greenpeace like Al Quaeda, so you know how bad the Police there can be!
I have been arrested about ten times in Germany where I now live. German Police are easily the best. Definitely not the British either.
So visit the best Police, right here in Berlin!

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