New Levels of Confusion

New Levels of Confusion
I have no clear thoughts in my mind today, another plane came to Breu, Peru so I hopped on it and returned to Pucallpa, I had no desire to stay in Breu for another week or two or three...
Pucallpa, Peru
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

I am overloaded and over stimulated mentally, I have so many small problems to solve or resolve, I have no desire to Blog. The Blog is good for receiving feedback on simple problems, however often just annoying when the situations are complex.

New Levels of Confusion


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Come on Andy,we're dying to know how the boat ride to Dulce Gloria went.

I need to get my Photos aligned before I explain that day. Plus I needed time to allow my frustration and anger to diminish. There is no value in sitting around complaining about normal people do what they nromally do, they are not going to change.

Do readers have a desire to read about real life, I am not sure they do. I will always tell the truth, it is my nature, however sometimes I do not explain things because readers tend to sit around being armchair travelers, somehow believing they know more than me. Therefore when something truly happens, I have learned to take great care when explaining, or shut off the comments.

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