Lonely Planet Guidebook USA Travel Tip

Lonely Planet Guidebook USA Travel Tip
Travel Tip

How would "Andy a professional Traveler" find cheap rooms in the USA? I would buy a Lonely Planet guidebook for the USA, or maybe Roughguides.com, or maybe Let’s Go, nonetheless I would not travel in the USA without a guidebook. Oops, I probably would go to the Library and check out all three of them...


Orland, Indiana USA
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

About five years ago I met up with a friend from Argentina here in the USA, we took a trip to Bloomington, Indiana to see Brown County while the fall leaves were turning brown. Every Hotel we visited was outrageous, I thought about it and said,
“Let’s go to a bookstore and read a guidebook.”

We opened a Lonely Planet to the USA in the bookstore, found the chapter that included Bloomington, found a cheap Hotel and went to the Hotel and got a room for half the price of the others.

In the USA, it is possible to check out one to three Guidebooks from a Library, go on vacation, then return the book after you return.

is my Internet solution to this situation, presently guidebooks are still the best way to find cheap room on Planet Earth. Yes, it is possible to find the stray hotel, however to consistently find cheap rooms, the guidebooks still are the best resource.

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Lonely Planet Guidebook USA Travel Tip


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hiandy, it would be great if you could maybe between you and boy wonder to put in where you have stayed personally and maybe a blog link to where you have written about it, i think it could help hobo hideout get more poular.. i was researching a possible trip to west africa and had to scan many posts to get the details of your blog.. i succesfully did this for the caribbean so doing it again for W.africa..
the info i sapped together is below..
Hobos west african hotels
Po, Burkina Faso, "hotel of the auberge ADPO, 4000 CFA
Ouaga, "Auberge de l'Oiseu Bleu? 7000 CFA
bamako, mali, Les Maison de Jeunes. 3000 CFA nice hotl, dodgy area
Crillon Hotel in Cotonou, Benin
Hotel Capitale here in Porto Novo 8500 CFA
Africa Dream Hotel in the Grand Bassam ivory coast
the Wharf Hotel, on the Grand Bassam at the beach, ivory coast
Galion Hotel, lome, togo
the Auberge USA in Natitingou, manager sophie? 4000cfa
Sammo Guesthouse, cape coast ghana
Hotel Panff was built as a Hotel here in Ouidah, Benin,
Ouidah? Ermitage = boom boom,
Hotel Bemosso, Aboisso, Ivory Coast?2500 and 3000 CFA.
provincial Hotel in Cove, Benin
Musso Hotel here in Savanou, Benin

Auberge La Rencontre 5500 CFA with Shared Bath and Toilet or 7500 with private. Kandi, Benin
"oukombe Benin Hotel, 2000 CFA, Chez Yatsin Boukombe or Boukoumbe Benin West Africa
Chez Yatti, Pronounceded Chay Yattee, The real name may be Auberge Refuge.
10 Degrees 10.527 North 001 Degrees 06.567 East, That is GPS coordinates that leads back to the Chez."

Chez Yatsin or something; it cost 2000 CFA, boukombe, benin.

i will straighten it out if the trip gets definate but wouldve been great if i could had found it on the hideout..

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