Iquitos Peru Expat Wally Lloyd Dies

Iquitos Peru Expat Wally Lloyd Dies
A friend of mine, Wally Lloyd was found hung in Iquitos, Peru the other day. There is a little mystery as to whether he killed himself, or someone killed him, nonetheless it will not change the fact, that Wally Lloyd is dead.

Pucallpa, Peru
Friday, February 6, 2009
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I set up a Hostel in Iquitos for another man, I made Wally the Manager, he was a good guy. He was the same as most expats, he drank too much, he arrived confused, and lived confused. However, all in all he was harmless, truly a good guy.

Wanted or unwanted, the truth is I wanted Wally as a friend, and when I went to Iquitos last time, one of the people I hoped to sit around and talk with most was Wally. He we busy, he lived a long way away from the center of Iquitos, we just did not have a chance to sit around and talk about nothing, now I have a regret.

I am never sure what happens to Expats, one day they are light hearted, living the good life, and the next day they bring the serious world of their homeland to roost in their new home. I left a serious world, I escaped a too serious world, to live the life of a wanderer. Wally left England for a new world, now the new world has killed him.

Becoming to serious can kill you, just a couple of years ago Marvin in Manila, Philippines was stabbed to death.

The Prime Directive of travel it to enjoy yourself, and truly I jest when I say this, because to me, this is the obvious Prime Direct of life. We must do more things in a day that make us happy, then things that make us sad, it is need, not a want.

William Grimes has a local Blog Post with more information one Wally to read.
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Iquitos Peru Expat Wally Lloyd Dies


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Hi Andy, thanks for this article remembering Wally Lloyd in happier times. Most of the ex-pat community of Iquitos are in mourning because of Wally's tragic death at too young an age.

Bill Grimes

Sorry you lost a friend. Death is always tragic for the ones left behind. I believe in the Triune God and know when I die I will be with God in heaven....a much better place.
I can't recall how I stumbled upon your blog. Certainly you are an adventurous individual. Thank you for posting your adventures on this blog. You are in places I would never visit. These places intrigue me however: the people, the culture, the history, the environment. I enjoy reading about them, and seeing pictures of them.
I have a friend who will be going on her third dental mission trip to Machu Pichu (sp?) with a group from Canada called Kindness In Action (KIA).

The more I think of Wallyacutes death, the more I strongly believe he was murdered.
First of all, he was not the kind of suicidal guy. He was just a regular kind of guy, always optimistic and in good mood.
Second, he had already had big troubles with some local bad eggs, townfolk of the worst kind, more or less four years ago if my memory helps me. Letacutes remember he had to split to Leticia, Colombia because he was dennounced for rape attempt. Wally, a rapist? Come on, give me a break. By the way, this ocurred inmediately after his roommate John Mack was found death in the Pacific Coast, (in my opinion, another IQT unsolved mistery or at least not so clear)
If there would be some kind of efficient and honest CSI Iquitosacute Gil Grissom, plus a fair and reliable Court of, Iacuted bet a case of Pilsens it was a murder. And I would bet TWO cases of Pilsens if Chinese police would be at charge of interrogations in town.
But, ever since all what they got for the administration of justice is a bunch of corrupted scums, if you are an expat in Peyton Place, besides the obvious attractions of local mermaids and cheap beer, keep your eyes open...always.

Thanks, it is too weird and I doubt we ever know the truth.

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