Ethiopia Child and Blind Beggar

Ethiopia Child and Blind Beggar
I have already found a Bakery that sells great Bread just up the hill from the Wanza Hotel here in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia. I seem to awake earlier than the staff or guards and had to wake them to leave the Hotel, so I decided to sit out in front of the Hotel and watch the world pass by eating my bread of course before waking the guards again to enter the Hotel.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Saturday, February 28, 2009
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Just before I was about to stand up and walk into the Hotel this kid suddenly was at my feet, therefore what the hell, I took a photo.

I do not think the Kid has anything to do with the Beggar; he just sat down to watch.

The kid was able to sneak up on me because I was watching this Blind Beggar work his way down to the road and start begging. I was trying to be very quiet; I was hoping the Beggar could not see me. It is often strange, how can blind beggars know I am close?

I took this photo and as he turned around, he suddenly recognized that I was there, hard to say, maybe one of the people walking by alerted him to my presence.

Ethiopia Child and Blind Beggar


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Maybe you "smell like a white man Andy."

Ethiopians are beautiful people. That child is precious.

Seeing the "blind" begger looking at you reminds me of many situations, in Addis, all the way back to 1966. Things don't change very much. In response to such confrontations say, in phonetic vernacular:
Yelem, Idelem,Ies-feligin-yam! Meserat-heed!

This essentially says No, no no! Get a job. God bless you.

They will be amused at the effort and probably leave you alone.

Richard Douglass

Beggar seems to be smiling at you.

Seems like all of Africa seems to smile at US...A

where's your Commies now !

hi my name is david espinoza i am trying to raise money for school in etheyopea and i needed to make a cover that will cach peoples attention. i am asking for your permition to use the picter of the kid with the blue benny to help the cause. if you are ok with this plese send me an email stating that you agree for me to use your picture and will not ever try to sue me for using it.

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