Does Snow Cause Development of Nations

Does Snow Cause Development of Nations
I had not choice, I needed to go to work today, I woke up at 5:40 am, took a shower, and drove to Angola, Indiana. By 6:10 am, I had checked into the Coachlight Coffee shop and was downloading programs preparing my computer to leave the country.

It is an ordeal; life is harsh for a person who must wake up in freezing weather, put on many clothes and miserably miserable walks or drives to work.

Orland, Indiana USA
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
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Every day this week I drove to the Coachlight Coffee shop about 10 miles from my parent’s home in Orland, Indiana to use the city of Angola’s free high-speed WIFI Internet access.

I would say this type of behavior is rare in the warm and tropical places of the planet.

I often ponder the situation, I know in Africa they have what they call the “Resource Curse,” whereby they can grow food and survive so easily they lack motivation.

Iceland and Norway are considered by the Human Development Index to be the two highest developed countries of the planet.

It is as if the farther away from the equator, the higher the level of development.

It is as if the colder the country, the more difficult it is to live, the higher the development.

Generally, I have observed that higher developed countries consider themselves smarter than lower developed countries. They treat the people in these countries as if they are needy. I long ago realized they are truly rich in resources and time, they are lucky, they do live in a harsh place, and their life is easy. Just because a person is not motivated to fight against the planet does not mean they are stupid, it is not necessary, therefore they do not work.

It may be stupid though to leave the cold and harsh climates of the highly developed nations, go to the tropical climates, and work in the same manner.

What do I call a country that develops because of adversity?

“Adversity Curse?”
“Adversity Blessing?”

After 79 countries and about 11 years of perpetual travel, I am positive living in a highly developed country is not a blessing; I feel it to be a curse. The cost of development is seldom worth the stress, frustration and mental turmoil, yes, I get to live longer and have a car, I for sure work by the “sweat of my brow.”

I have had a lot of trouble Blogging in the USA, there is not enough time to get it done… however, it is silly to think I have to Blog, yet I do.

It is a blessing or a curse to live in a highly developed country like the USA? I know you are brainwashed, but please refrain from repeating what you have been told all your life without introspection, repeating the saying of your culture is not a sign of development.

Development, - Happiness

Does Snow Cause Development of Nations


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Andy Says "Does Snow Cause Development of Nations"

Yes I think so to a point. If a man thinks logically, he would may figure out it gets warmer when you move in different directions.

Some times you just can't move. legal,wars,family,no trans, in any time line.

But if you know it is going to get rather cold soon you do what you can to survive that period that you know is coming or you will perish.

If it stays warm all year round with nothing but a rainy spell you are content and maybe pick a few extra fruit before the dry spell ?

However in the 21st century it looks like those in the Warm belt are retarded and those in Scandinavia are Einsteins.

I think a basic life is better to be warm. When you develope capabliteis to cope with the Cold then you can expand your horizons.

This is why I think Man developed in a warm climate and not in a cold climate.

I do not think anyone will object to this thought.

However those who leave the warm environment to learn more usually make a better nest. It is only a resent phenomenon that those who leave have left and sent back "$$$" and support to those in need to the bad environment they left behind

For example these 1,000's of poor villages in Africa that could hardly support a few hundred people for the past 500 years now grow to 10's of thousands because of people able to leave and seek better jobs and send money home and NGO"S providing relief from working a farm and building their own shelter and digging there own wells.

Darwinism in reverse is all it is. How can you not help ? Is the Question. How you make it worse is the answer.

So if man started to evolved in a warm climate are we not all going to be Rappers some day ?

word out to my man Andy on the my home boy, you travel, like a rat on a ship you go my man,you travel like a brick in a car window, you release the radio of information my man you travel YO ! F them not contacted tribes You are cold climate my man. Show them the INTERNET and KFC make them relize it is cold north of KC !

ok bad rap. I was born cold.

Ya don't work, ya freeze to death. Pretty good motivator. Then, once you are working hard, it is hard to stop.

Bob L

General Motors was founded in 1908 in Flint, Michigan and grew to be the largest corporation in the world. Its market capitalization reached $50 billion in 2000. In the past week its market capitalization dropped below $1 billion to levels last seen during the 1920’s. The story of General Motors is the story of America. In 1953, at the peak of its dominance, its President Charles Wilson declared before Congress that what was good for the country was good for GM and vice versa. Its rise to power and decline towards insolvency parallel the rise and fall of the Great American Republic. Overconfidence, hubris, lack of courage, foolish decisions made, and crucial decisions deferred have been the hallmarks of GM and the United States of America. America is ruined. In years to come the US will be no more developed than Nigeria. We have destroyed our future, through terrible decisions.

America is a third world country Andy. Honestly, what do we produce today??? Development is the result of good decisions. Tropical Singapore makes good decisions and prospers. The US has made 30 years of terrible decisions and will burn to the ground. American families will see their real household incomes plunge in the coming years to 1970 levels. The backlash against immigrants, both legal and illegal is likely to intensify over the next few years. The decades of allowing our economy to be hollowed out and shipped to China is coming home to roost. Besides weapons and movies, what does America produce that anyone wants? Our financial geniuses have essentially brought down the worldwide financial system by selling foreign countries MBSs, CDOs, etc. That and Iraq has been our contribution to the world in the last eight years. Now, we have delegated the responsibility of our corporations to the U.S. government bureaucracy. Maybe its global warming that's making us so stupid.

The USA is not a third world nation...

The country needs to move farther away from factories and move towards management.

I think the maximum pay per hour has to be 15 dollars for factory workers including benefits.

Andy, there are only three ways to produce wealth: make it (manufacturing), grow it, or mine it. Management and the rest just skims money at best. They don't produce wealth. A country as large as the us will not prosper if it fails to make anything. Its that simple. You don't need fancy formulas or economic theory. Its just common sense (which isn't common in the US anymore).


(Don't know if you will get this, seeing as it is an old post)

You will be glad to know there are several 'hot spots' now in Angola. Our Burger King actually has 3 computers for people to use.

Talk about developing technology. We finally have something here besides just one outlet!

Enjoying your blog as I just discovered it,


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