Continental Airlines Baggage Handler

Continental Airlines Baggage Handler
I looked out my airplane window towards the back of the plane and I spotted this man using a handheld bar code machine checking every bag that entered the plane.

I flew with Continental Airlines from Peru to Chicago, Illinois.

Seems like a good idea, they should be able to count every bag and insure that the proper number of bags are on the plane if this little computer works to my specifications.

Orland, Indiana USA
Thursday, February 19, 2009
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I worry about planes in the USA and their handling of the bags.

One time I had a 20-minute layover in Tokyo, Japan and my bag made the transit. I then spent eight hours in the Atlanta airport and the bag failed to make the transit.

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Continental Airlines Baggage Handler


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We flew Continental from OKC to Houston, then to Cancun. My suitcase, Travel Pro, had only been used 1 time prior to this trip and was in perfectly new condition. When I received my suitcase in Cancun the most used handle had been completely yanked out of the side of the suitcase.It had been anchored down with 2 bolts with nuts, the baggage handler had to yank so hard to pull those bolts through metal and leather, I can NOT accept that as Nornal handling of my luggage. I saw on TV yesterday there have been 179,000 damaged and lost bags in 1 month on airlines. This should not be tolerated by the airlines. The baggage handlers should be held responsible and this kind of treatment would be less common. I will try to not fly Conitinental in the future! All the employees said was We dont cover handles SHAME ON YOU!!!

I traveled form Lahore to Doha to Housten to Calgary on 22-Oct, 2009.
I was on transit in Housten for one night. In Housten I inquired about my baggage, I was told that I will get my baggage at my final destination in Calgary.

When I reached Calgary on 23-Oct, 2009, I did not receive my baggage. I informed the Continental Airlines ground staff.

Till to date I am waiting for my baggage. This is really painful.

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