Amor Fati Continental and British Airlines

Amor Fati Continental and British Airlines
I need to love my fate...

Tonight I fly from Lima, Peru to Chicago with Continental Airlines.

On the 25th of February I fly to Ethiopia on British Airline.

Both of these airlines are involved in crashes today.

I decided to catch up on my reading of other peoples Travel Journals today and in their normal churnalism manner, many were Blogging about the Crash of Continental, so I turned on CNN News to see what happening. They announced some news about British Airlines crashing on the runway in London, England.

I take a pause when ironic fate crosses my path.

Lima, Peru
February 13, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?


Here is the question, do my odds increase of being in an airplane accident because I am using these airlines? Or, because there has already been two airline accidents, are my chance better? Or, is this just some type of gamblers fallacy?


Amor Fati Continental and British Airlines


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Odds of being in an airplane crash increase simply by being in an airplane, flying through the sky.
Planes crash. Cars crash even more frequently. Do the odds change your travel plans?
Not for me. I don't travel in airplanes often. When I do I enjoy the take off and the landing the most and don't give a thought to crashing. I do travel the highway daily......despite the high incidence of car crashes.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightening, or being hit by a car than you would in an airplane accident

You lived a good life and will die young. Always happens to people like you. Eventually the odds catch up with a person. :-)

You asked about a gamblers fallacy...

It depends, man. If the plane crashes are truly random and fit within the normal distribution of plane crash, then there is no change for you on your next flight.

However, if your next flight had maintenance performed by the same mechanics as the crashed planes, and it was a maintenance error, then your odds may have changed a smidge.

Good luck.

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