25th of February I Go To Ethiopia

25th of February I Go To Ethiopia
I will leave from the USA on the February 25, 2009 and arrive in the early morning of the 27th in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is an exciting trip for me, Ethiopia is one of the few countries I have heard traveler make noise about for years and I have not visited.

Many people say the women are the most beautiful on the planet.

Lima, Peru
February 13, 2009
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The tricky part of Africa is the exit strategy, I am considering two locations, either Kenya, or South Africa, either way I could visit at least five countries.

I have tendancy to live in each country for a minimum of one month, I am an unusual traveler this way, it is customary for travelers to continuously move because they are going to stop traveling. I on the other hand know I am living in each country, I am not just visiting.

25 February I Go To Ethiopia


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Andy, just wondering, why fly back to America? Why not just fly to Europe.

Most travelers travel fast because of fear of boredom and loneliness, not all, but many.


I can buy a ticket from Peru to Ethiopia for less than about 2000-4000 dollars.

To Europe direct is 1500 then another 700 to reach Ethiopia, and the cost of living in Europe.
2200 Dollars

This trip cost me 600 to USA and 750 to Ethiopia or about 1400 Dollar.

I must stop the trip, and start the trip to save money. Stopping in Europe is like throwing money up in the air. I am truly a budget traveler. 10 days with the parents saves money. I do not like money, it is big money trap or tourist trap...

I could have stayed in London for a week or two for an extra 68 dollars on layover, this would have been great, except London is not easy and it is winter. Winter doubles the cost of travel.

Money money and more money, a traveler always things about money.

Secondly, I need to prepare for Africa, South America is a cake walk for me, I need some special equipment for Africa and I need two guidebooks.

Africa is expensive, I have to take care.

I use a Air Consolidator to buy tickets in the USA, so I get a great deal sometimes. I saved about 500 dollars by using him this trip.

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