2009 February 14 Leave Peru enter USA

2009 February 14 Leave Peru enter USA
After 24 hour of torture, I am finally in the USA, there is always a debate in my head how a trip can take this long. I left at 9:00 from the Hotel in Peru and arrived in my parents house about about 8:45 the next day. The time zone is the same, so just a little under 24 hours of time from porthole to porthole.

I left on the 14 and arrived on the 14, however it is now the 15th of February, I went to bed after torturing my sciatic nerve for 24 hours.

Orland, Indiana, USA
February 15, 2009
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Time on the plane was about 10, time on the bus was 3, so I only had 13 hours of pure travel time, the other 11 hours was sitting in airports waiting.

I am always thinking, maybe a 24 hour bus ride is more comfortable than this 24 hour airplane trip.

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2009 February 14 Leave Peru enter USA


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Did you ever look into gulf war syndrome on your symptoms? If you went to Iraq after the war, you might have been exposed to lots of different chemicals in the air. I read of soldiers with protrutions on their skin that are infections from exposure. Your symptoms seem similar.

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