Water Purification with 3 Pitchers

Water Purification with 3 Pitchers
Safe water to drink is a continuous problem, a person can only hope to optimize the quality of the water, you truly cannot avoid problematic water.

Here is a simple Travel Tip to help you have better than normal water for both drinking and brushing your teeth in your Hotel room.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

Here in the Photo you can see that I have a rotating lineup of water in 1.5-liter pitchers or measuring cups. I am drinking from pitcher number 1, then when empty I place it in the number 3 spot and boil it. And thereby rotating my water so I always have normal room temperature water to drink.

My strategy is to follow the examples of the locals in the country I am visiting. If the locals generally are drinking purified water, then I drink purified water, I mirror their way of living.

I was in Lima in the Pretty House Hostel and the women owner boiled the water for drinking. Therefore, I broke out my water boiling system and proceeded to follow her example, but with a small improvement, I do not like to drink hot water. She provide water for the guest, however often the water was warm, therefore I set up my own system, plus more convenient, there was no reason to go down stairs to retrieve the water.

I cover the water with a book or something convenient to keep debris from accidentally falling in the water and any curious insects.

In 10 years of travel, I have never found any system that stopped me from drinking the local water completely; I have only been able to optimize the quality of the water, in my opinion,

“All tourists drink the water, it is impossible to avoid.’

"It is not the drinking, it the cleaning of the dishes that is the problem."

(Check out how your favorite restaurant cleans the dishes, do they use purified water, or even hot water.)

Water is a major concern, however I am 50 times more worried about the food I eat, the water they use in preparation, how long the food has been in sitting before they cooked it.

I eat street food, where I can see it being cooked; I do not like to worry about what is happening in the kitchen, I know I am not in Indiana anymore. I know they will take old food and sell it to unsuspecting clients to avoid losing money.

Hot water that comes directly out of the faucet is the world greatest health advance in the last million years.

This system will allow you to learn how much water you drink per day and modulate for better health.

This is the best type because you can fully immerse in the water, easier to use and less change of burning it up as these cookers are required to be in water to use.

This is photo of the best water cooker on the planet, I can only purchase in La Paz, Bolivia. It is 220, yet works in 110 without a problem.

Water, - Food, - Health

Water Purification with 3 Pitchers


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just ran across your blog! thanks for inspiring me and all the generous information!

Interesting. What is the wattage on that water heater?
I made one myself by taking out a heating element from a regular water boiler mug and connected to an electrical cord, but it uses 1000 Watt, I can't use it everywhere.

The type in the photo is homemade in Bolivia, and from a long time ago. I would guess about 500-750 Watts, although if you can buy one for 250 Watts you will have less trouble with breakers or fuses. The aluminum one are normally about 300-500 Watts.

I made one out of a heating element a few time in South America.

I would live to see this one you made.

Most of the ones that I see are 300 watts. But that is at 240 Volts. At 120 they will put out one quarter the watts, or 75 watts. I have yet to find a 120 V heater that puts out enough to quickly boil water. 75 watts takes a LOOOONG time. Plus, if it taken out of the water for more than a second or so, it will die. The one you have looks great, a much better design, as long as OSHA is not around and might be more abuse tolerant. If it is indeed 500 watts at 240V, then it would still be 125 watts at 120V, enough to get the job done. The only thing is it looks like you would want to be careful of getting shocked. If those coils are live as they look to be, and you lost the ground wire, your liquid could become electrically hot. In most cases it would just be annoying and/or painful, but create a good electrical path, such as holding onto the faucet while touching the liquid and ZAP.

Would love to get one of the ones like you have. Maybe you could set up a business selling them. Probably couldn't get them in the US though.

As far as making them, the coils in a hair drier would probably work, but would be difficult to make small enough and without excessive watts.

Bob L

Although it is not something I have done, or probably would do, one thing to think about is an electric kettle. I think you mentioned these once on your site. Not as small or packable as your little heater, but if you need a vessel of some kind anyway, the additional room taken up might not be much. You can store things in it when moving and you can get these everywhere fairly cheap. The ones in the US are pretty high wattage though, 750 to 1,000 for the ones I have looked at.

I put the towel in front to show people to be careful about getting electrical shocks, then forgot to mention it.

Truthfully, a person can get shocked by ANY device, however it is extremely easy when walking barefoot and touching an electrical outlet or light switch.

I think the first floor of a Hotel is more dangerous and clay floor building guaranteed you will get shocked.

I have about 300 of something close to this electrical cookers, but a lot poorer quality. There is one in Ecuador that works great, but is risky with steel cups because not surrounded by plastic.

All in all, the majority of travelers need a class in electricity to travel.

The ones I have to sell in the future break super easy, the ones in this photo can last for years.

I truly need to go to Bolivia again and track down this company one day.

I keep stockpiling and testing items that are perfect, however a truly long-term project.

Hi Andy,

Found one of them heaters on Amazon for 5 dollars:


Yours still kick ass but for the peep that can't get to Bolivia...

BTY dude you mentioned "...I keep stockpiling and testing items that are perfect..."

Do you have a wee list of such stuff?

what stuff do you use for showers? Liquid or bar of soap?




Sorry, only Argentina

That's a really cool product and it's small and easy to transport. I could have used it when I was in India, lol. Here is another product that just came out from Berkey. It's small, easy to transport, and it does not require any electricity. You can take it anywhere and have clean water to drink. Its called a Go Berkey Kit: http://www.xtremeimpulse.com/outdoor-purification-systems-/126-go-berkey-water-purifier.html

It's quite a bit more expensive, but it has very few limitations.

When go-through your blog i was realized the importance of water purification how will make the enhance of good life thank for this post

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