Travel Blogs Drive Me Crazy

Travel Journals Drive Me Crazy Travel Journals

A confusing and complicated plan has evolved into my brain, I have finally admitted to myself that the my Blog fails to be or cannot only be my personal online diary. It has to be more if I am going to fund my Travels with only the Blog, each day has to appeal to a variety type of readers.

Blogger systems are driving me crazy, is nuts, Wordpress is too clever, they all have problems in a pro-blogger sense, in the end, just another Blog system.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Friday, January 2, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

Nothing is changing much, however the presentation is going to go smooth, so the readers cannot shoot the messenger. More of a well rounded Blog and less rambling and rants.

Photos for the visual people

40-50 Previous Post and archives that work...

Travel Tips for the people preparing to travel

Gear tips for the gear junkies

Photo tips for photographers

Airline help for the Business Traveler

Pretty CSS Templates for the majority of people, I have for years refused to tie the Blog up in pretty wrapping and put on a bow because I wanted readers who focus on words, not on pretty pictures. However, to go more mainstream, give the world press something to talk about, they need fed some pretty pictures.

It is like cereal, the cereal can be the healthiest, most nutritious cereal ever sold, however with a great package for the children, nobody is going to purchase it.

In a way, I feel it is my responsibility to find a methodology that could be copied and allow any Hobo out there to live by Blogging because Hoboes travel to work.

Travel Journals

Travel Journals Drive Me Crazy


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This is interesting Andy. I'm glad you're going to improve the appearance of your blog and divide it into sections.

My friend Christian traveled for a while and one of the ways he paid for it was by posting specific expenses (tickets, etc.) on his blog and having people offer to pay for them and receive attribution for it.

I'm trying to think of ways that you can make money without using ads... I will never buy something from an ad but I'd love to give back some of the value I've gained from your blog.

I guess the way I will help is by referring to you from my blog, It runs Wordpress and as you can see, I pay a lot of attention to the appearance. I think the challenge is to use the appearance to complement the text but not take over. The point is to use the blog's appearance to help draw attention where it needs to go.

I submitted an application to work for you several months ago but never heard back. Probably because I live in the U.S. and so I charge too much. But if you ever want any advice about blog appearance or how to do something, send me an email. I'll answer it free; it's another way of giving back value for what I've learned from your blog.

Thanks Patrick subcribed to the RSS feed, I will try to understand you game plan.

I think this idea of posting specific expenses on the site is an excellent idea.

The compliment the blog idea with the format is the idea, however some days confusing.

Thanks, Happy New Year

I still have a problem with your Blog. NOT the writing OF the pages. I can read the first 5-10 BLOGS on the first scroll down but then they are gone. you can not continue . If you do not read every week you can not find out the last month or 2 ? i'M SURE THERE IS A TRICK TO IT BUT WHY MAKE IT A TRICK TO SEARCH ? I've seen this said before and I have the same problem I get to the bottom and them forget it. how do you get to the next one ?

This is one of the elements of the Blog that drives me crazy. in their strange wisdom so far will not allow us any more than 10 previous links.

Now, the majority of people only blog about once every three days and this would work for them, not for me.

I am trying to get Boy Genious from India to make the blog auto extract and make the archives easy to read, you know, next, previous and a way that is easy.

I have thrown two techies at the problem and said no excuses. We will soon change the whole look.

Thanks and Sorry

What I like about your blog- you blog (almost) every single day, that's pretty unique. It is not a tourist blog. Some great atmospheric descriptions, good info, pix and tips.
What I don't appreciate: Disregard for language/grammar- doesn't come over as authentic, even though it might be. Generalised political comments. "Snottiness"
What I'd welcome: more photographs, maps, general info (climate, costs etc.)
There are endless "travel blogs" out there, most are collections of articles or tourist blogs about the road most travelled (like on Get your link on those sites and put a photograph and a snippet of real-traveller info/ experience on your front page every day - as you have already started doing-
Tell us more what people there (where you are) are saying.
Respectfully, a Reader

That was a great comment.

1. Unique - This will continue.

2. Not Tourist Blog - This will continue,

3. Disregard for language/grammar- doesn't come over as authentic.

ANSWER: There is a difference between disregard of grammar and knowing grammar. I must know the grammar error before I can fix it.

Time is not on my side, I could do one very good grammar post, or the three I do per day. I am trying a few techniques to find my grammar problems. It is possible I find a better grammer check than the Micosoft Works one I have now.

It is impossible for my brain to see some errors in spelling. I read very fast, my mind works very fast. The only way to find many errors is to read the same post on separate days with a refreshed perspective. I am doing press releases now, I must read the same page about five days in a row. This type of checking would make me stop blogging, so this is not feasible it is not enjoyable.

5. Generalised political comments. "Snottiness"

ANSWER: Terse is the word I would use. Two problems here, you as a reader do not read all the assinine comments. I have the ability to make people use profanity and other disrespectful comments. It is very hard to have respect for readers, the one respectful critism is bunched up with the five negatives. As normal the snotty reader can kill of the respectful readers also, comments are only half wanted, not totally.

For the political comments I would recommend you just disagree and that it fine. However I tell them because I am sure I have a more global opinion than about anybody on the planet and to keep my voice quiet when the world of liberal ones demand to be heard would be morally negligent. I know the liberal are watching CNN and BBC now called the Fourth Estate, which is 80 percent misrepresentation of the real world. I am living here in the real world you see on the news.

THE ELECTRICITY JUST WENT OFF, I am not joking. This is the type of problems you probably rarely have. My computer is on battery, I can continue to type, however the internet is now dodgy. This make a TIME problem. I have to click on CTRL A then CTRL C to save this, paste into a notepad and save as, truly some logistic problems.

6. Photographs - I promised one or two per day for this year. I am working to redo the newsletter, traditionally in the past I put all the photos in the newsletter.

7. Maps - I already do ten time more than the normal blogger.

8. , general info (climate etc.)
There are endless "travel blogs" out there, most are collections of articles or tourist blogs about the road most travelled (like on Get your link on those sites and put a photograph and a snippet of real-traveller info/ experience on your front page every day - as you have already started doing-

NOTE: Careful here, you want unique, and do not want a Tourist Blog, I call it a Vacation Blog. General information like todays temperature, etc is easy to find, just get on or the Weather sites.

Plus there are time sensitive information that I leave out. I have my present location on every post. This is UNIQUE.

I have the month and day to try to show the real time view of my life. One reader wants me to put daily google maps.

Many real time things are time sensitive and any link like a map can change. If I refer to any real time information on another site they change and I then need to go through 1000 pages and fix. I am a very experienced blogger so I have already tried a lot of the clever stuff. Bloggers that are too clever normally do not post or stop blogging.

9. Tell us more what people there (where you are) are saying.
GREAT suggestion

Note: As I am typing this my techie is working on another template for the blog that will use the total width of page. What this will do is allow for real estate for the clever toys or links of photos that can accompany the page. I would say the majority or readers read on RSS feeds, they never see the format of the page. I do not think my mother even knows there are comments because she receives in her email box.

I often debate about making what they call snippets, this is where you just get a small RSS feed snippet of the blog post and you have to go online to read.

I would make more money if I did this and the traffic would have better statistics, however the same as thumbnail photos, I think they are annoying, I tend to think snippets are annoying. If I was posting maybe 20 times per day than snippets would be needed.

Any way I do it the system does not allow for more than 10 previous post and makes the navigation terrible. It is going to cost me over 1000 dollars to update this blog to another format. Feel free to click on the donation link that is now in the left column to help get what you want.

Thanks Andy in Guatemala on January 3, 2009

I will not do CTRL A, then CTRL C to make sure I do not lose all this because of worries about my internet connection.

I can never just relax and believe the internet I have is working.

I have stayed in Five star hotels in India and abroad and am used to the luxuries they provide and the way they pamper you and make sure that you patronize them again and again whenever you land up in the town or city in which they operate.
It was by chance that I had an opportunity to visit Wild Elephant Eco-Friendly Resort in Munnar. It so happened that I was booked by my travel agent another hotel in Munnar but it so happened that I ended up arriving a day late and being December could not find any accommodation in Munnar. One of my acquaintances in Cochin suggested “Wild Elephant Resort” and the name sounded interesting to fall for it.
When I called up the Resort they told me that only the Leaf Cottage was vacant and I agreed to take it.
We arrived there at Adimaly town at around 10 AM .The road is fairly good, and you need to take a diversion at a place called Kallar which is 14 kms from Adimaly town .As you take the diversion from the Cochin –Madurai Highway at Kallar and go on Kallar –Mangulam Road you find the denseness of the forest increasing and also pass gurgling waterfalls as you drive along, before you reach this unique resort.
As you are nearing the Resort you can see the vast expanse of the beautiful Tea Estates of Letchmi Tea Estate which is just next to the Resort and also view the Waterfall from where the Resort gets its water.
The place is just mind blowing as far as the Location is concerned and also the cottages and the rooms are so neatly done that you feel yourself totally at Home, especially when greeted with the homely food of the Resort. As I stood on the top of the Hillock where the Resort is situated I had a feeling of Freedom and Liberation which I have never felt within the four walls of the room of any luxurious five star hotel. The reason is simple, the resort is situated in such a strategic location that Nature is all around you in abundance and this makes calm and well being descend on you once you land here.
The Swimming pool is really enchanting at this height and as the Sun comes out and heats the surface jumping into the pool has a great soothing effect, especially as the water which comes into the pool comes from the waterfall which can be see from the Resort.
We had come to stay here for a night but ended up staying here for three nights instead, during which we went to a place called Anakulam, about 12 kms from the resort and had the opportunity to see about 60 wild elephants which had come to drink water from a stream. We also saw a lot of waterfalls on our way and also hanging bridges made of wire rope and wooden planks. One such wire rope bridge we were told was built by the Resort management for the villagers. The resort staff who looked after us and also took us around for trekking and sightseeing were excellent and the service and the overall treatment was excellent. I want to go back again whenever I am in Cochin and I get a chance to escape from the hotel room in a concrete jungle to a place where I can mix with Nature. For more details visit the website:
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