The Donation Button is Back

The Donation Button is Back
I have placed a donation button back on this Travel Journal, it is now in the left column of the actual blog, you cannot see it in RSS readers.

I have learned that people click on ads to try to help me, this is not acceptable. It is not ethical to click on advertisements unless you are interested. If you wish to help me, pay the money yourself, do not hurt another company or person.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Saturday, January 3, 2009
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Donations is a just reward for a Travel Journalger, I have no problem with getting a Donation, I do have trouble with you hurting another company.

I also had a reader want me to be more specific than I already am on cost, so I am going to start explaining even better the true cost of writing Blogs, whereby others Travel Journals can learn. I feel responsible to the world of Travelers, I continually and testing new ideas and trying to learn and teach other Hoboes how to pay for their travel.

The Donation Button is Back


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I would like to make a donation to help you travel. I surf the internet with adblock plus and when I turn it off I still do not see the paypal donation button. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using firefox browser.

I am not sure, I checked Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer it was there. Try this click on this link and look below the quote of the day. Donate

How much do you need Andy ? I to would like to donate. Sorry to see you have to ask for donations.

I am not sure need is the word, I provide a free service. If you feel the blog is of value, then donate. However, I am a stable travel blogger business. I for sure do not want people clicking on ads to help me, this is an alternative.

Good Idea Andy. Google stock is down about 60@ in just one year and they will be looking for websites to drop that don't convert clicks to sales. No shame in asking for donations to keep an able bodied man from getting a real job:) Joke sort of. I like your stories and info. Hope you can find a way to keep it going. I didn't know the bad economy was affecting HOBO's thought they where immune to a down cycle, :)

Man bro I hate seeing good americans reduced to begging like that. Times are hard. Don't get beat down or do anything crazy. Maybe barry obama can clean up bushs mess. hope your ok bro.

Hang in there Andy. We can't afford to travel this year so looking forward to reading about your travels. I hope to send a few dollars your way. Don't feel ashamed at asking for donations you provide a good service.

I clicked on the button and it said you were unable to accept money.

Paypal shut me off when I accessed in Ethiopia.

The give me 4 things to resolve.

I did three the fourth qs not possible.

They want to call the USA telephone.

All in all they are denying service in Ethiopia or now Kenya.

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